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  1. Legal and Contractual Risks and Challenges for BIM
  2. Improving the Process of Disruption Claims: Identification of the Difficulties and Expectations
  3. Ex-post impact evaluation of PPP projects from multiple stakeholder perspectives: a toll road case
  4. Project and Regulatory Control Strategies for Minimizing and Resolving Defects and Conflicts in the Low-Rise Residential Home-Building Process
  5. Unearthing the Difficulties in the Information Management of Disruption Claims
  6. Closing the information gaps: a systematic review of research on delay and disruption claims
  7. An investigation of difficulties in information management for delay and disruption claims
  8. BIM aided information and visualization repository for managing construction delay claims
  9. Green Building Success Criteria: Interpretive Qualitative Approach
  10. Construction Defects and Disputes in Low-Rise Residential Buildings
  11. Data analytics and big data in construction project and asset management
  12. Investigating associations among performance criteria in Green Building projects
  13. A data analytic study of RFI frequency and their turnaround time
  14. BIM implementation assessment using effort distribution analytics
  15. Managing green building development – A review of current state of research and future directions
  16. Ex post impact evaluation of PPP projects: an exploratory research
  17. Value for Money in Investment Evaluation: what is measured and how it is measured
  18. Controlling Requests for Information (RFIs) to reduce cost and improve margins
  19. Plug n Play: Future Prefab for Smart Green Schools
  20. Survey of management practices enhancing labor productivity in multi-storey building construction projects
  21. Risk Allocation Inefficiencies in Chinese PPP Water Projects
  22. Critical evaluation of off-site construction research: A Scientometric analysis
  23. Project delivery attributes influencing green building project outcomes
  24. Construction Equipment Management Practices for Improving Labor Productivity in Multistory Building Construction Projects
  25. Efficient risk transfer in PPP wastewater treatment projects
  26. Risks in PPP Water Projects in China: Perspective of Local Governments
  27. BIM-based Iterative Tool for Sustainable Building Design: A Conceptual Framework
  28. The Effects of High-rise Residential Construction on Sustainability of Housing Systems
  29. A study of best management practices for enhancing productivity in building projects: construction methods perspectives
  30. Identifying stakeholders’ involvement that enhances project scope definition completeness in Saudi Arabian public building projects
  31. Cost estimation for electric light and power elements during building design
  32. Prioritising Project Scope Definition Elements in Public Building Projects
  33. Status of BIM Adoption and the BIM Experience of Cost Consultants in Australia
  34. Evaluations of BIM: Frameworks and Perspectives
  35. Using Effort Distribution Analysis to Evaluate the Performance of Building Information Modeling Process
  36. Risk allocation in public private partnerships in China’s water projects: a principal agent approach
  37. More than a survey: an interdisciplinary post-occupancy tracking of BER schools
  38. Structural equation modelling of organizational justice and cooperative behaviour in the construction project claims process: contractors' perspectives
  39. Using PLS-SEM technique to model construction organizations' willingness to participate in e-bidding
  40. Contractual Approach for Facilitating the Resolution of Dispute over a Contractor’s Failure to Comply with Time Limit for Notice of Delays
  41. Avoiding and Mitigating Delay and Disruption Claims Conflict: Role of Precontract Negotiation
  42. The accuracy of pre‐tender building cost estimates in Australia
  43. Explaining Cooperative Behavior in Building and Civil Engineering Projects’ Claims Process: Interactive Effects of Outcome Favorability and Procedural Fairness
  44. Legal Framework for Alternative Dispute Resolution: Examination of the Singapore National Legal System for Arbitration
  45. Construction Delays and Their Causative Factors in Nigeria
  46. The relationship between distribution of control, fairness and potential for dispute in the claims handling process
  47. The effects of construction delays on project delivery in Nigerian construction industry