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  1. Pixel-based Visual Secret Sharing Using Lorenz System
  2. Memristor-based quinary half adder
  3. Comparison between three approximation methods on oscillator circuits
  4. Review of fractional-order electrical characterization of supercapacitors
  5. A generalized family of memristor-based voltage controlled relaxation oscillator
  6. Capacitive behavior and stored energy in supercapacitors at power line frequencies
  7. Chaos-based hardware speech encryption scheme using modified tent map and bit permutation
  8. FPGA implementation of fractional-order Chua's chaotic system
  9. Fractional-Order Model (FOM) for high-strength substrate biodegradation in conventional UASB reactor
  10. Mathematical analysis of gene regulation activator model
  11. Study of fractional flux-controlled memristor emulator connections
  12. Two topologies of fractional-order oscillators based on CFOA and RC networks
  13. Modified methods for solving two classes of distributed order linear fractional differential equations
  14. Design and analysis of 2T2M hybrid CMOS-Memristor based RRAM
  15. Generalized Double-Humped Logistic Map-based Medical Image Encryption
  16. Memristor-CNTFET based ternary logic gates
  17. Transient and Steady-State Response of a Fractional-Order Dynamic PV Model Under Different Loads
  18. FPGA realization of speech encryption based on modified chaotic logistic map
  19. Speech encryption using generalized modified chaotic logistic and tent maps
  20. Approximation of the Fractional-Order Laplacian sα as a Weighted Sum of First-Order High-Pass Filters
  21. Chaos and Bifurcation in Controllable Jerk-Based Self-Excited Attractors
  22. Self-Excited Attractors in Jerk Systems: Overview and Numerical Investigation of Chaos Production
  23. Dynamics of fractional and double-humped logistic maps versus the conventional one
  24. FPGA implementation of fractional-order integrator and differentiator based on Grünwald Letnikov's definition
  25. Fractional-order impedance transformation based on three port mutators
  26. High-Frequency Capacitorless Fractional-Order CPE and FI Emulator
  27. Three Fractional-Order-Capacitors-Based Oscillators with Controllable Phase and Frequency
  28. Experimental comparison of integer/fractional-order electrical models of plant
  29. Generalized fractional logistic map encryption system based on FPGA
  30. Single and dual solutions of fractional order differential equations based on controlled Picard’s method with Simpson rule
  31. Elmore delay in the fractional order domain
  32. Fractional-order DISPR model for the AIDS epidemiological dynamics
  33. Fractional-order mathematical model for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia
  34. Biological inspired optimization algorithms for cole-impedance parameters identification
  35. FPGA implementation of two fractional order chaotic systems
  36. Modeling and analysis of fractional order DC-DC converter
  37. On the Analysis and Design of Fractional-Order Chebyshev Complex Filter
  38. Low-voltage commercial super-capacitor response to periodic linear-with-time current excitation: a case study
  39. Image encryption based on double-humped and delayed logistic maps for biomedical applications
  40. Biomedical image encryption based on double-humped and fractional logistic maps
  41. FPGA realization of Caputo and Grünwald-Letnikov operators
  42. Memcapacitor based charge pump
  43. Fractional controllable multi-scroll V-shape attractor with parameters effect
  44. Chaos synchronisation of continuous systems via scalar signal
  45. Chaotic systems based on jerk equation and discrete maps with scaling parameters
  46. Dead-beat synchronization control in discrete-time chaotic systems
  47. Fractional order four-phase oscillator based on double integrator topology
  48. Generalized family of fractional-order oscillators based on single CFOA and RC network
  49. On the analysis of current-controlled fractional-order memristor emulator
  50. Controlled Picard Method for Solving Nonlinear Fractional Reaction–Diffusion Models in Porous Catalysts
  51. A Novel Chaotic System without Equilibrium: Dynamics, Synchronization, and Circuit Realization
  52. Finite Precision Logistic Map between Computational Efficiency and Accuracy with Encryption Applications
  53. Generalized Dynamic Switched Synchronization between Combinations of Fractional-Order Chaotic Systems
  54. Memristor and Inverse Memristor: Modeling, Implementation and Experiments
  55. A Study on Coexistence of Different Types of Synchronization Between Different Dimensional Fractional Chaotic Systems
  56. Analytical solution for fractional derivative gas-flow equation in porous media
  57. Control and Synchronization of Fractional-Order Chaotic Systems
  58. Fractional-Order and Memristive Nonlinear Systems: Advances and Applications
  59. Generalized Smooth Transition Map Between Tent and Logistic Maps
  60. Generalized Synchronization of Different Dimensional Integer-Order and Fractional Order Chaotic Systems
  61. New Trends on Modeling, Design, and Control of Chaotic Systems
  62. Reactance-less RM relaxation oscillator using exponential memristor model
  63. Realizing fractional-order elements using CCII based mutators
  64. Memristor-based data converter circuits
  65. Memristor-based pulse width modulator circuit
  66. Message from the technical program chairs
  67. On inverse problem of generalized synchronization between different dimensional integer-order and fractional-order chaotic systems
  68. Novel permutation measures for image encryption algorithms
  69. CFOA-based fractional order simulated inductor
  70. Voltage-controlled M-M relaxation oscillator
  71. Power and energy analysis of fractional-order electrical energy storage devices
  72. Two-port two impedances fractional order oscillators
  73. Double-sided bifurcations in tent maps: Analysis and applications
  74. Aging effect on apples bio-impedance using AD5933
  75. FPGA realization of ALU for mobile GPU
  76. Fractional-order synchronization of two neurons using Fitzhugh-Nagumo neuron model
  77. Comparison and Database Development of Four Recent ASM3 Model Extensions
  78. Permutation techniques based on discrete chaos and their utilization in image encryption
  79. Fractional-order oscillator based on single CCII
  80. Fractional-order inverting and non-inverting filters based on CFOA
  81. Hermite polynomials in the fractional order domain suitable for special filters design
  82. A fractional-order dynamic PV model
  83. Charging and discharging RCα circuit under Riemann-Liouville and Caputo fractional derivatives
  84. Comparative study of fractional filters for Alzheimer disease detection on MRI images
  85. Fractional-order Fitzhugh-Nagumo and Izhikevich neuron models
  86. Generalized synchronization involving a linear combination of fractional-order chaotic systems
  87. Image encryption algorithms using non-chaotic substitutions and permutations
  88. Switched active control synchronization of three fractional order chaotic systems
  89. Fundamentals of fractional-order LTI circuits and systems: number of poles, stability, time and frequency responses
  90. An optimal linear system approximation of nonlinear fractional-order memristor–capacitor charging circuit
  91. Fractional-order multi-phase oscillators design and analysis suitable for higher-order PSK applications
  92. Guest Editorial: Fractional-Order Circuits and Systems: Theory, Design, and Applications
  93. Symmetric encryption algorithms using chaotic and non-chaotic generators: A review
  94. On The Optimization of Fractional Order Low-Pass Filters
  95. Fractional-Order Two-Port Networks
  96. Modified kinetic-hydraulic UASB reactor model for treatment of wastewater containing biodegradable organic substrates
  97. Series and parallel circuit models containing memristors and inverse memristors
  98. Review of the missing mechanical element: Memdamper
  99. Low pass filter design based on fractional power chebyshev polynomial
  100. Generalized chaotic maps and elementary functions between analysis and implementation
  101. Design of a generalized bidirectional tent map suitable for encryption applications
  102. Fractional Order Oscillator Design Based on Two-Port Network
  103. Generalized fractional logistic map suitable for data encryption
  104. Generalized delayed logistic map suitable for pseudo-random number generation
  105. Fractional order oscillators with single non-zero transmission matrix element
  106. Power Dissipation of Memristor-Based Relaxation Oscillators
  107. Pinched hysteresis with inverse-memristor frequency characteristics in some nonlinear circuit elements
  108. Fractional order oscillators based on operational transresistance amplifiers
  109. Neuron Model with Simplified Memristive Ionic Channels
  110. 2T2M memristor-based memory cell for higher stability RRAM modules
  111. Memristor based N-bits redundant binary adder
  112. Boundary Dynamics of Memcapacitor in Voltage-Excited Circuits and Relaxation Oscillators
  113. Fractional-order mutual inductance: analysis and design
  114. On the Mathematical Modeling of Memristor, Memcapacitor, and Meminductor
  115. Memcapacitor Based Applications
  116. Introduction
  117. Design of Positive, Negative, and Alternating Sign Generalized Logistic Maps
  118. Memcapacitor: Modeling, Analysis, and Emulators
  119. Meminductor: Modeling, Analysis, and Emulators
  120. Memristor Mathematical Models and Emulators
  121. Memristor-Based Multilevel Digital Systems
  122. Memristor-Based Relaxation Oscillator Circuits
  123. Memristor: Models, Types, and Applications
  124. A fractal-based image encryption system
  125. Fractional order two port network oscillator with equal order
  126. On the mathematical modeling of memcapacitor bridge synapses
  127. Multi-phase oscillator for higher-order PSK applications
  128. Current feedback operational amplifier (CFOA) based fractional order oscillators
  129. Memristor-MOS hybrid circuit redundant multiplier
  130. Memristor-less current- and voltage-controlled meminductor emulators
  131. The effect of multi-scrolls distribution on image encryption
  132. An image encryption system based on generalized discrete maps
  133. Resistorless memristor based oscillator
  134. On the generalization of fractional-order transmission lines
  135. Fractional Order Sallen–Key and KHN Filters: Stability and Poles Allocation
  136. Memcapacitor response under step and sinusoidal voltage excitations
  137. Fractional-order Memristor Response Under DC and Periodic Signals
  138. Two-port oscillators based on three impedance structure
  139. Fractional order oscillator with independent control of phase and frequency
  140. A chess-based chaotic block cipher
  141. Memristor-based redundant binary adder
  142. Resistive-less memcapacitor-based relaxation oscillator
  143. CCII based fractional filters of different orders
  144. Hardware stream cipher with controllable chaos generator for colour image encryption
  145. Control and switching synchronization of fractional order chaotic systems using active control technique
  146. Meminductor Response Under Periodic Current Excitations
  147. Utilizing LFSR and Feistel networks in image encryption
  148. On the short-term predictability of fully digital chaotic oscillators for pseudo-random number generation
  149. On the mathematical modeling of series and parallel memcapacitors
  150. Memristor-based balanced ternary adder
  151. Image encryption using generalized tent map
  152. General procedure for two integrator loops fractional order oscillators with controlled phase difference
  153. Fibonacci-Based Hardware Post-Processing for Non-Autonomous Signum Hyperchaotic System
  154. Design of pseudo random keystream generator using fractals
  155. Generalized Analysis of Symmetric and Asymmetric Memristive Two-Gate Relaxation Oscillators
  156. Resonance and Quality Factor of the $RL_{\alpha} C_{\alpha}$ Fractional Circuit
  157. Improved memristor-based relaxation oscillator
  158. Fully digital jerk-based chaotic oscillators for high throughput pseudo-random number generators up to 8.77Gbits/s
  159. Fractional Order Butterworth Filter: Active and Passive Realizations
  160. Secure DS-CDMA spreading codes using fully digital multidimensional multiscroll chaos
  161. CCII based KHN fractional order filter
  162. A Simple Model of Double-Loop Hysteresis Behavior in Memristive Elements
  163. Generalized Hardware Post-processing Technique for Chaos-Based Pseudorandom Number Generators
  164. A family of memristor-based reactance-less oscillators
  165. Parametric Control on Fractional-Order Response for Lü Chaotic System
  166. Optimization of Fractional-Order RLC Filters
  167. Memristor-based voltage-controlled relaxation oscillators
  168. On some generalized discrete logistic maps
  169. The modified single input Op-Amps memristor based oscillator
  170. Amplitude Modulation and Synchronization of Fractional-Order Memristor-Based Chua's Circuit
  171. Analog fault diagnosis and testing by inverse problem technique
  172. The fractional-order modeling and synchronization of electrically coupled neuron systems
  173. Memristor-based relaxation oscillators using digital gates
  174. Memristor-based oscillator using Deboo integrator
  175. Fractional order filter with two fractional elements of dependant orders
  176. Rectangular waveguides in the fractional-order domain
  177. Image encryption in the fractional-order domain
  178. Effect of boundary on controlled memristor-based oscillator
  179. A low start-up voltage charge pump for energy harvesting applications
  180. Low-voltage puzzle-like fractal microelectromechanial system variable capacitor suppressing pull-in
  181. Fully digital 1-D, 2-D and 3-D multiscroll chaos as hardware pseudo random number generators
  182. Impedance matching through a single passive fractional element
  184. Fractional-Order RC and RL Circuits
  185. Non linear dynamics of memristor based 3rd order oscillatory system
  186. RF MEMS Fractal Capacitors With High Self-Resonant Frequencies
  187. Transient-Time Fractional-Space Trigonometry and Application
  188. Charge controlled memristor-less memcapacitor emulator
  189. Two port network analysis for three impedance based oscillators
  190. The effect of numerical techniques on differential equation based chaotic generators
  191. State space modeling of Memristor-based Wien oscillator
  192. Hardware realization of chaos based block cipher for image encryption
  193. Design, implementation and analysis of fully digital 1-D controllable multiscroll chaos
  194. Butterworth passive filter in the fractional-order
  195. Analog fault diagnosis by inverse problem technique
  196. Passive and Active Elements Using Fractional ${\rm L}_{\beta} {\rm C}_{\alpha}$ Circuit
  197. Generalized model for Memristor-based Wien family oscillators
  198. The generalized exponential function and fractional trigonometric identities
  199. Stability and non-standard finite difference method of the generalized Chua’s circuit
  200. Random number generation based on digital differential chaos
  201. Analysis of bus width and delay on a fully digital signum nonlinearity chaotic oscillator
  202. A low start up voltage charge pump for thermoelectric energy scavenging
  203. Theory of Fractional Order Elements Based Impedance Matching Networks
  204. Fractional Smith Chart Theory
  205. An expression for the voltage response of a current-excited fractance device based on fractional-order trigonometric identities
  206. Memristor-based reactance-less oscillator
  207. Time domain oscillating poles: Stability redefined in Memristor based Wien-oscillators
  208. On the mathematical modeling of memristors
  209. Built-in-current-sensor for testing short and open faults in CMOS digital circuits
  210. Built-In Current Sensor for testing Current Feedback Operational Amplifier
  211. HP Memristor mathematical model for periodic signals and DC
  212. On the stability of linear systems with fractional-order elements
  214. Fractional-order sinusoidal oscillators: Design procedure and practical examples
  216. Design equations for fractional-order sinusoidal oscillators: Four practical circuit examples
  217. Design equations for fractional-order sinusoidal oscillators: Practical circuit examples
  219. MOS realization of the modified Lorenz chaotic system
  221. An inductorless CMOS realization of Chua’s circuit
  222. MOS Realization of the Conjectured Simplest Chaotic Equation
  223. MOS realization of the double-scroll-like chaotic equation