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  1. Do business strategies and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance mitigate the likelihood of financial distress? A multiple mediation model
  2. Evaluating the Super-Efficiency of Working Capital Management Using Data Envelopment Analysis: Does COVID-19 Matter?
  3. Does the Efficiency of a Firm’s Intellectual Capital and Working Capital Management Affect Its Performance?
  4. The Influence of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Practices on US Firms’ Performance: Evidence from the Coronavirus Crisis
  5. Does managerial ability and auditor report readability affect corporate liquidity and cost of debt?
  6. Analyzing the Efficiency of Working Capital Management: a New Approach Based on DEA-Malmquist
  7. The efficiency of working capital management and a firm’s financial distress
  8. WCM, ESG performance, and a firm’s value
  9. Do CSR practices affect the relative efficiency of Egyptian conventional and Islamic banks
  10. Appraising healthcare systems’ efficiency in facing COVID-19 through data envelopment analysis
  11. Measuring the operational and financial efficiency using a Malmquist data envelopment analysis
  12. the efficiency of corporate governance and intellectual capital affect a firm's financial distress