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  1. Real-time supply chain—A blockchain architecture for project deliveries
  2. Measurement of product innovation in small and medium size enterprises (SMEs): a case study in Oman
  3. Modular product architecture to manage product development complexity
  4. An approach for analysing supply chain complexity drivers through interpretive structural modelling
  5. Digital factory – virtual reality environments for industrial training and maintenance
  6. Does outsourcing always work? A critical evaluation for project business success
  7. Metrics of product modularity: lessons learned from case companies
  8. An Ergonomic Student Chair Design and Engineering for Classroom Environment
  9. Virtual supply chain for networked business: perspective of collaborative bill-of-materials, scheduling and process monitoring for developing innovative product
  10. Quantitative risk management in gas injection project: a case study from Oman oil and gas industry
  11. Development of sustainable platform for modular product family: a case study
  12. Quantitative Analysis of Force and Torque in Bone Drilling
  13. Virtual enterprise collaborative processes monitoring through a project business approach
  14. Virtual supply chain – event handling and risks management in collaborative networks
  15. Big data in evolving energy supply chains
  16. Virtual factory system design and implementation: integrated sustainable manufacturing
  17. Collaborative smart process monitoring within virtual factory environment: an implementation issue
  18. Negotiation for order acceptance
  19. ICT-based solution approach for collaborative delivery of customised products
  20. Supply Chain Strategies and the Engineer-to-Order Approach
  21. Business Collaboration – An Approach Towards End-to-End ICT Solutions for Virtual Factory
  22. Green Virtual Business Network for Managing and Reusing Waste Between Partner Organizations
  23. Fundamentals of configuration methodology: aligning customer requirements into design philosophy
  24. Collaborative processes within virtual manufacturing business networks: How SMEs can be benefited?
  25. Virtual Enterprise Process Monitoring: An Approach towards Predictive Industrial Maintenance
  26. Cloud-based Data Storage for Data Management in the Virtual Factory
  27. Roles of ICT-systems for electricity providers: Decision support
  28. Virtual business process management within collaborative manufacturing network: an implementation case
  29. Advanced wind power management: model of information flows and ICT-system interconnections in electricity supply chain
  30. Data communications in electricity supply chain: ICT-systems interconnections in Nordic power market area
  31. Designing of Virtual Factory Information System by Enterprise Portal
  32. Reference model for collaborative manufacturing of customised products: applications in the fashion industry
  33. Virtual Enterprise Architectural Framework: Collaboration for Small and Medium Enterprises
  34. Implications of interface management for modularity degree
  35. Performance evaluation of tracking and tracing for logistics operations
  36. Conceptual Framework for Non-hierarchical Business Networks for Complex Products Design and Manufacturing
  37. Business Process Monitoring and Management in Virtual Enterprise Through Interactive User Interface Layer
  38. Designing of Cloud-Based Virtual Factory Information System
  39. Dynamic and collaborative business networks in the fashion industry
  40. Ergonomics Issues in Furniture Design: A Case of a Tabloid Chair Design
  41. Adaptive Virtual Enterprise Process Management - Perspective of Cloud-based Data Storage
  42. Event Monitoring and Management Process in a Non‐Hierarchical Business Network
  43. Information flows and ICT-system interconnections in electricity supply chain wind power modelled
  44. Quantifying time‐based manufacturing strategy
  45. Methodological Support for Collaborative and Non‐Hierarchical Network Operation for Complex Product Manufacturing
  46. Framework for performance measurement and management in a collaborative business environment
  47. Development of modular product architecture through information management
  48. Implementation of Management Information System in Nordic energy business: A case study
  49. Implementation of renewable energy in Scottish rural area: A social study
  50. Methodological support to establish a collaborative non-hierarchical business network for complex product manufacturing
  51. Web-based technologies in power plant automation and SCADA systems: A review and evaluation
  52. Information dependencies within product architecture: prospects of complexity reduction
  53. Modular product architecture for productivity enhancement
  54. Collaborative Customization Strategy for Complex Products – Prospects for Engineer-to-Order and Customize-to-Order Production Scenarios
  55. Implementation framework for collaboration in a non-hierarchical business network
  56. Modular Product Architecture: The Role of Information Exchange for Customization
  57. Effect of component interdependency on inventory allocation
  58. Methodology for non-hierarchical collaboration networks for complex products manufacturing
  59. Platform-oriented product development: prospects and limitations
  60. Application of modularity in world automotive industries: a literature analysis
  61. Design structure matrix based value analysis of software product platforms
  62. Aligning external varieties to internal varieties for market solutions
  63. Distributed supply chain in a global environment
  64. Strategic outsourcing: status and prospects in global product development processes
  65. Non-hierarchical Collaboration in Dynamic Business Communities
  66. An Innovative Framework Supporting SME Networks for Complex Product Manufacturing
  67. Platform-based product development in order to deal with varieties in production line
  68. Collaborative customized product development framework
  69. Restructuring design processes for better information exchange
  70. Developing a maturity model for Supply Chain Management
  71. Managing product variety through component commonality: concept and application
  72. Reconfiguring product development process in auto industries for mass customisation
  73. Managing product development complexities through restructuring information exchange and adopting configuration principle
  74. Literature overview of modularity in world automotive industries
  75. Modeling and Visualisation of a 3D Mechanical Workshop
  76. Cloud-based Data Storage for Data Management in the Virtual Factory
  77. Management of Risk and Resilience within Collaborative Business Network