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  1. Sustainability of IBS in Malaysia
  2. Condition Monitoring Framework Based on the Cause of Mosque Physical Defects in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya
  4. ePortfolio: A Descriptive Survey for Contents and Challenges
  5. Innovative Approach for IBS Vendor Selection Problem
  6. A CMMS Expert using BIM for IBS Building Maintenance
  7. Classification of High-Rise Residential Building Facilities: A Descriptive Survey on 170 Housing Scheme in Klang Valley
  8. A survey on classification of maintenance fund for high rise residential building in Klang Valley
  9. Classification of basic facilities for high-rise residential: A survey from 100 housing scheme in Kajang area
  11. Examining Physical Activity and Play Behavior Preferences between First Graders and Last Graders in Primary School Children in Tehran
  12. Evaluation of neighborhood center attributes on resident’s territoriality and sense of belonging a case study in Boshrooyeh, Iran
  13. Examining School Grounds as a Place for Children’s Physical Activity Performance in Tehran
  16. Decide and Recycle—Service Learning in Liberal Education Course
  17. Development of Designing Criteria in Children’s Urban Play Space in Iran- Review of Literature
  18. Residual Compressive Strength of Lightweight Foamed Concrete after Exposure to High Temperatures
  19. RWHS in Malaysia
  20. Condition Survey Protocol: A System for Building Condition Assessment
  21. Flat Roof Defect: Preliminary Condition Survey for Water Ponding Monitoring
  22. Common Defects on Floating Mosque: Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque, Kuala Ibai, Kuala Terengganu
  23. Development of Microcontroller Based Potentiometric Transduction Circuit for a Continuous Fluid Level Sensor
  24. Achieving energy and cost savings through simple daylighting control in tropical historic buildings
  25. Assessing students perceptions to sustainability practices at National University of Malaysia (UKM)
  26. Lifelong Learning in Architectural Design Studio: The Learning Contract Approach
  27. Affordable Housing Performance Indicators for Landed Houses in the Central Region of Malaysia
  28. Building Condition Assessment for New Houses: A Case Study in Terrace Houses
  29. A New Framework for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Soft Skills Course: Implementation and Challenges
  30. Reviewing the Aspects of Urban Issues and Inferences of Overpasses in Urban Centers, A Prospectus of Re-Vitalizing the Spaces Under Over Passes in Developing Metropolitans
  31. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Learning Contract Course: Experience and Performance of the First Cohort
  32. Preface
  33. Performance of Polymer Modified Mortar with Different Dosage of Polymeric Modifier
  34. Criteria for Affordable Housing Performance Measurement: A Review
  35. Modern Housing Tranquillity in Malaysia from the Aspect of Thermal Comfort for Humid Hot Climate Zone
  36. Approach to Campus Sustainability at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM): A Review
  37. Evolution Sustainable Green Inner-wall with Flexible Floor Plan
  38. Mitigating the Urban Heat Island Effect in Megacity Tehran
  39. The Trend of Housing Defect on Newly Completed House
  40. School Building Defect Pattern
  41. CCC Method: The Rules Of Professionals As A Building Certifier
  42. Tutor-based Approach toward Sustainable Architecture Education
  43. Upgrading Education Architecture by Redefining Critique Session in Design Studio
  44. A Comprehensive Learning of Architecture Education: Understanding Critique Session as Learning Process and Criteria-based Assessment in the Architecture Design Studio
  45. Management Practice to Achieve Energy Efficiency Performance: Green versus Conventional Office Building in Malaysia
  46. Ventilation Cost Implication Onto Passive Designs in Office Buildings: A Conceptual Model Framework to Compare Design Effectiveness Between Conventional Non-Air-Conditioned and Green Office Buildings in Malaysia
  47. The Architecture Studio of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM): Has the Indoor Environmental Quality Standard Been Achieved?
  48. Temperature Analysis for Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) of UKM Architecture Studio
  49. Indoor Environmental Quality for UKM Architecture Studio: An Analysis on Lighting Performance
  50. Frequency Index for Learning Space in Higher Education Institutions
  51. Critical Factors Affecting Double Storey Terrace Houses Prices in Bandar Baru Bangi
  52. Mitigating Urban Heat Island Effects in Tehran Metropolitan Area
  53. Building cracks: evidence on the impact of new construction works on existing buildings
  54. Toward a Sustainable Campus: Comparison of the Physical Development Planning of Research University Campuses in Malaysia
  55. Sustainable Campus Design in Malaysia: An Evaluation of Student’s Perception on Four Research University Campuses
  56. Redefining Sustainable Outdoor Learning Environment in Malaysia from the Understanding of Natural School Design and Approaches in Indonesia
  57. Sustainable Approach in Library Design in Malaysia: Lesson from Frank Lloyd Wright Approaches in Space and Landscape Design
  58. The development of a condition survey protocol matrix
  59. The effect of indoor environmental quality on occupants’ perception of performance: A case study of refurbished historic buildings in Malaysia
  60. Cause of Construction Delay - Theoretical Framework
  61. Housing Affordability: A Conceptual Overview for House Price Index
  62. Healthy Environment: The Need to Mitigate Urban Heat Island Effects on Human Health
  63. The Importance of Design Process in Housing Quality
  64. Campus Sustainability: Student's Perception on Campus Physical Development Planning in Malaysia
  65. Constructing Formulation of Affordable Green Home for Middle Income Group
  66. Identification of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Parameter in Creating Conducive Learning Environment for Architecture Studio
  67. Classification of Natural Ventilation Strategies in Optimizing Energy Consumption in Malaysian Office Buildings
  68. Effectiveness of Thermal Comfort Models to Evaluate Occupants’ Satisfaction Levels in Office Buildings
  69. A satisfaction survey of high-rise residential management in Malaysia: sustainable indicators
  70. Assessing the condition of traditional Khmer timber houses in Cambodia: A priority ranking approach