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  1. Hydraulic geometry influences some water quality parameters in a tropical headwater basin in southwestern Nigeria
  2. River sensing: the inclusion of red band in predicting reach-scale types using machine learning algorithms
  3. Geomorphic covariance structures of selected channel morphological variables across the alluvial-bedrock continuum in the Upper Ogun River Basin, Southwestern Nigeria
  4. Rediscovering South Africa: Flood disaster risk management through ecosystem-based adaptation
  5. Navigating nature's complexities through Terra MODIS information and downscaled regional climate model: Mainstreaming space-based information for drought disaster risk management
  6. Factors controlling gully morphology on the quartzite ridges of Ibadan, Nigeria
  7. Riparian health conditions of headwater streams in Southwestern Nigeria
  8. From fossil-dependent energy to a clean, non-polluting energy: Wind farms in Maluti-A-Phofung municipality, South Africa
  9. Signature of teleconnection patterns in river discharge within the Niger Basin
  10. Drought disaster monitoring and land use dynamics: identification of drought drivers using regression-based algorithms
  11. Temporal variation in deterministic chaos: the influence of Kainji dam on downstream stations along lower Niger River
  12. Drought: A Common Environmental Disaster
  13. Carbon footprint assessment and mitigation scenarios: a benchmark model for GHG indicator in a Nigerian University
  14. Geomorphological Analyses of Third-Order Basins in Southwestern Nigeria
  15. Remote Sensing of African Mountains
  16. Space-Based Drought Disaster Risk and Climate Change Assessments: Strategies for Environmental Conservation
  17. An assessment of flood event along Lower Niger using Sentinel-1 imagery
  18. Rainfall–Runoff in Conterminous Tropical River Basins of Southwestern Nigeria
  19. A persistent fact: reflections on drought severity evaluation over Nigerian Sahel using MOD13Q1
  20. South African wild fruits and vegetables under a changing climate: The implications on health and economy
  21. Estimating total precipitable water distribution across Free State Province, South Africa using remote sensing data and tools
  22. Remote Sensing of Nighttime Light: Progress, Prospects and Possibilities in Africa (2013–2021)
  23. Geographical trend analysis of COVID-19 pandemic onset in Africa
  24. Early warning systems development for agricultural drought assessment in Nigeria
  25. Spatial assessment of drought disasters, vulnerability, severity and water shortages: a potential drought disaster mitigation strategy
  26. Early geography of the coronavirus disease outbreak in Nigeria
  28. Morphologic and hydraulic variability of small bedrock and alluvial channels in relation to lithological controls, Upper Ogun River Basin, Southwestern Nigeria
  29. Gully Erosion: A Threat to Livable Cities in Developing Countries
  30. Gully Initiation on the Quartzite Ridges of Ibadan, South West, Nigeria
  31. Downstream hydraulic geometry across headwater channels in Upper Ogun River Basin, Southwestern Nigeria
  32. Land use/land cover change and land surface temperature of Ibadan and environs, Nigeria
  33. Correction
  34. Landuse and surface water quality in an emerging urban city
  35. Assessing Heavy Metal Distribution and Contamination of Soil in Ogere Trailer Terminal, Ogun State (Southwestern Nigeria)
  36. Classification and Prediction of Channel Morphology Within Selected Third-Order Basins (Southwestern Nigeria)
  37. River Long Profiles of Selected Third-Order Basins in Basement Complexes
  38. Comparing ANN and ARIMA model in predicting the discharge of River Opeki from 2010 to 2020
  39. A Simple Distributed Water Balance Model for an Urbanized River Basin using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
  40. Orchard Understory Species Diversity in Relation to Orchard Age and Soil Factors (in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria)
  41. Environmental factors and pattern of riparian vegetation along the downstream sections of the Lower Ogun River, Nigeria
  42. Urban Stone Decay and Sustainable Built Environment in the Niger River Basin
  43. Urbanisation and hydraulic geometry response: a model approach
  44. Landuse Types within Channel Corridor and River Channel Morphology of River Ona, Ibadan, Nigeria
  45. Geospatial Analysis of Changes in Vegetation Cover over Nigeria
  46. Stream energy distribution below Eleyele Dam in Southwestern Nigeria
  47. Relationship between extreme daily rainfall and maximum daily river discharge within Lagos metropolis
  48. Groundwater: Quality Levels and Human Exposure, SW Nigeria