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  1. Spectrum dependency to rate and spike timing in neuronal spike trains
  2. Feasibility of a virtual reality-based exercise intervention and low-cost motion tracking method for estimation of motor proficiency in youth with autism spectrum disorder
  3. Analysis of gait synchrony and balance in neurodevelopmental disorders using computer vision techniques
  4. Rare disease community should utilize virtual family meetings to capture phenotypic variations.
  5. Autistic children use their bodies differently while trying to keep their balance.
  6. Entity Matching Meets Data Science
  7. Smurf
  8. Technical Perspective:
  9. In-RDBMS hardware acceleration of advanced analytics
  10. Deep Learning Empirical Topology for Classical Music Style Decision Making
  11. Deep Learning Art History from Data: Baroque Intellectual Influence on the Romantic Era Painting
  12. Human-in-the-Loop Challenges for Entity Matching
  13. Magellan
  14. Magellan
  15. Mathematical Analysis and Computational Integration of Massive Heterogeneous Data from the Human Retina
  16. Design and Applications of Intelligent Systems in Identifying Future Occurrence of Tuberculosis Infection in Population at Risk
  17. Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure Based on NMR Chemical Shift Data Using Support Vector Machines