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  1. Asian slurs and stereotypes in the USA
  2. Some Equalities Are More Equal Than Others: Quality Equality Emerges Later Than Numerical Equality
  3. Slurs, stereotypes, and in-equality: a critical review of “How Epithets and Stereotypes are Racially Unequal”
  4. An introduction to the special issue on Slurs
  5. An Assessment of the Negative and Positive Aspects of Stereotypes and the Derogatory and Nonderogatory Uses of Slurs
  6. Aristotelian Moral Psychology and the Situationist Challenge
  7. Slurs and stereotypes for Italian Americans: A context-sensitive account of derogation and appropriation
  8. The importance of poetry, hip-hop, and philosophy for an enlisted aviator in the USAF (2000–2004) flying in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom
  9. The semantics of slurs: A refutation of coreferentialism
  10. Music practice and participation for psychological well-being: A review of how music influences positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment
  11. The practice of poetry and the psychology of well-being
  12. Spanish slurs and stereotypes for Mexican-Americans in the USA: A context-sensitive account of derogation and appropriation
  13. Book Review: Jan Schnupp, Israel Nelken, & Andrew King, Auditory neuroscience: Making sense of sound
  14. The semantics of slurs: a refutation of pure expressivism
  15. Vindicating Virtue: A Critical Analysis of the Situationist Challenge Against Aristotelian Moral Psychology
  16. How to do things with slurs: Studies in the way of derogatory words
  17. Music, Neuroscience, and the Psychology of Well-Being: A Précis
  18. Mine is Earlier than Yours: Causal Beliefs Influence the Perceived Time of Action Effects
  19. Aesthetic Concepts, Perceptual Learning, and Linguistic Enculturation: Considerations from Wittgenstein, Language, and Music
  20. Slurs
  21. Thick Concepts, Non-Cognitivism, and Wittgenstein’s Rule-Following Considerations