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  1. Couples’ housework participation, housework satisfaction and fertility intentions among married couples in Hong Kong
  2. Finishing the “unfinished revolution”?: College‐educated mothers' resistance to intensive mothering
  3. Outsourcing domestic work: A double‐edged sword for marital relations among dual‐earner couples
  4. Employers’ resources and experiences of employing live-in foreign domestic workers
  5. Domestic Outsourcing in an Ultra-Low Fertility Context: Employing Live-in Domestic Help and Fertility in Hong Kong
  6. Couples’ self-control and marital conflict: Does similarity, complementarity, or totality matter more?
  7. Re-examining the middle-class thesis: Class profiles of families employing migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong
  8. Outsourcing for How Long? Factors and Duration of Employing Foreign Live-in Domestic Helpers
  9. Does live-in domestic help reduce unpaid household labor? The paradox of intensive parenting and domestic outsourcing
  10. Family policies, social norms and marital fertility decisions: A quasi‐experimental study
  11. Socioeconomic development and young adults’ propensity of living in one-person households: Compositional and contextual effects
  12. Parental Academic Involvement in Cross-border marriage, Native and Immigrant Families: The Roles of Family Resources and Parental Expectations
  13. Husband-to-wife sexual coercion in cross-border marriage: A relationship power perspective
  14. The Gendered Division of Household Labor over Parenthood Transitions: A Longitudinal Study in South Korea
  15. Domestic Labor, Attitudes, and Women’s Marital Satisfaction: A Longitudinal Study in Korea
  16. Hiring Domestic Help in Hong Kong
  17. Dissimilar and Disadvantaged: Age Discrepancy, Financial Stress, and Marital Conflict in Cross-Border Marriages
  18. Non-Traditional Wives With Traditional Husbands: Gender Ideology and Husband-to-Wife Physical Violence in Chinese Society
  19. Single Parenthood, Parental Involvement and Students’ Educational Outcomes in Hong Kong
  20. Women's Attitudes Toward Family Formation and Life Stage Transitions: A Longitudinal Study in Korea
  21. Living Alone
  22. Temporal-spatial patterns of one-person households in China, 1982-2005
  23. Hiring Domestic Help and Family Well-Being in Hong Kong: A Propensity Score Matching Analysis
  24. Bring the Subjective Back In
  25. Probability Proportional Sampling
  26. Structured Questionnaires
  27. Strain, Self-Control, and Spousal Violence: A Study of Husband-to-Wife Violence in Hong Kong
  28. Economic Insecurity and Husband-to-Wife Physical Assault in Hong Kong: The Role of Husband’s Power Motive
  29. Social Isolation and Spousal Violence: Comparing Female Marriage Migrants With Local Women