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  1. Experimental Phonetics and Phonology in Indo-Aryan & European Languages
  2. Reading Comprehension and Metacognitive Strategies in First Year Engineering University Students in Pakistan
  3. Acoustic Characteristics of Pakistani English Vowel Sounds
  4. An Acoustic Investigation of Pakistani and American English Vowels
  5. A Quantitative Research for Improving Reading Comprehension of First Year Engineering Students of QUEST, Pakistan Through Metacognitive Strategies
  6. Awareness of L2 American English Word Stress: Implications for Teaching Speakers of Indo-Aryan Languages
  7. Metacognitive Scaffolding in Reading Comprehension: Classroom Observations Reveal Strategies to Overcome Reading Obstacles of Engineering Students at QUEST, Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan
  8. Improving Reading Comprehension of First Year Engineering Students: A Quantitative Study at QUEST, Nawabshah, Pakistan
  9. Investigating Metacognitive Strategies for overcoming Barriers to Reading Comprehension: Insights from a Pakistani Context
  10. A Perceptual Study of Phonological Variations in Pakistani English
  11. Motivation to Learn English Language: A Study of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Sindh