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  1. An image steganography algorithm via a compression and chaotic maps
  2. Medical image steganographic algorithm via modified LSB method and chaotic map
  3. Image encryption algorithm
  4. Image encryption based on Fisher-Yates shuffling and three dimensional chaotic economic map
  5. An Algorithm of Image Encryption Using Logistic and Two-Dimensional Chaotic Economic Maps
  6. Encryption Algorithm of Multiple-Image Using MIES and 2-Dimensional Chaotic Economic Map
  7. Image encryption via economic chaotic map
  8. Erratum: A new cryptographic algorithm based on pixel shuffling and dynamical chaotic economic map
  9. On Solving Comrade Linear Systems Via Transformations
  10. On the Inverting of a General Heptadiagonal Matrix
  11. Inversion of General Cyclic Heptadiagonal Matrices
  12. Two algorithms for solving comrade linear systems
  13. Inversion of general tridiagonal matrices