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  1. Classifying Steel Strip Surface Defects using Deep Ensemble Transfer Learning
  2. Precision Agriculture Using Deep Learning and UAVs
  3. Deep learning techniques to classify agricultural crops through UAV imagery: a review
  4. Early wildfire detection from UAVs using deep learning-based computer vision algorithms
  5. Machine Learning and Deep Learning as New Tools for Business Analytics
  6. Recent Advances on UAV and Deep Learning for Early Crop Diseases Identification
  7. Algerian Perspectives for UAV-based Remote Sensing Technologies and Artificial Intelligence in Precision Agriculture
  8. Vehicle Detection From UAV Imagery With Deep Learning: A Review
  9. The Importance of Applying Artificial Intelligence on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  10. A New 2D Mesh Routing Approach for Networks on Chip = Une Nouvelle Approche de Routage pour les Réseaux sur Puce à Topologie Mesh 2D