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  1. Eutectic Morphology in Alloy Pb – 3.2% Cd – 0.08% Sr for Battery Grids
  2. Eco friendly green inhibitor Gum Arabic (GA) for the corrosion control of mild steel in hydrochloric acid medium
  3. Preparation and characterization of biodegradable nanocomposites derived from carboxymethyl cellulose and hydroxyapatite
  4. Effect of saltwater intrusion on mineralization processes of spring waters
  5. Natural product based composite for extraction of arsenic (III) from waste water
  6. Adsorption of Chromium (VI) on Calcium Phosphate: Mechanisms and Stability Constants of Surface Complexes
  7. The removal of methyl orange by nanohydroxyapatite from aqueous solution: isotherm, kinetics and thermodynamics studies
  8. Structure and properties of hydroxyapatite/hydroxyethyl cellulose acetate composite films
  9. Synthesis and characterization of composite based on cellulose acetate and hydroxyapatite application to the absorption of harmful substances
  10. calcium phosphate , composite environement
  11. AErP2O7 (A = Rb, Cs) and HEuP2O7·3H2O: Crystal Structures, Vibrational Studies and Thermal Behaviours
  12. The triclinic form of dipotassium cobalt(II) bis(dihydrogendiphosphate) dihydrate
  13. Poly[ethane-1,2-diammonium tetra-μ-chlorido-cadmate(II)]
  14. Study of the chemical mechanisms of the reaction of neutralization of calcium hydroxide by phosphoric acid