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  1. Sustainable Water resources management in Semi-Arid regions of Algeria using the WEAP model
  2. GIS-based AHP for flood hazard areas mapping of M’zab wadi basin
  3. GIS-based AHP approach for selecting an alternative WWTP site in urban areas of Laghouat, Algeria
  4. Flood hazard areas assessment at a regional scale in M'zi wadi basin, Algeria
  5. Groundwater quality assessment of Northwestern Algeria using water quality index (WQI)
  6. Status and trends of water quality in the Tafna catchment: a comparative study using WQI
  7. Water quality analysis of reservoirs within Western Algeria catchment areas using WQI
  8. Water erosion in northeastern Algeria using a seasonal multicriteria approach
  9. Simulation of water resources management scenarios in western Algeria using WEAP model