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  1. Bending and buckling responses of functionally graded nanoplates embedded in an elastic medium
  2. Influence of the visco-Pasternak foundation parameters on the buckling behavior of a sandwich functional graded ceramic–metal plate in a hygrothermal environment
  3. Hygro-thermo-mechanical bending behavior of advancedFGM plate resting on a viscoelastic foundation
  4. free vibration of an FG sandwich plate in a hygrothermal environment with viscoelastic foundation
  5. Wave propagation analysis of a sandwich plate with porosity in a hygro-thermal environment
  6. wave propagation investigation of a FGM plate with porosity resting on a viscoelastic foundation
  7. Dynamic Behavior Analysis of FGM Clamped Nano-Plates Based on Elastic Foundations
  8. Investigations in static response and free vibration of a FGM beam resting on elastic foundations
  9. free vibration analysis Pfgm nanoplate using nonlocal four variables shear deformation plate theory
  10. Thermal buckling analysis of cross-ply laminated plates using a simplified HSDT
  11. Thermo-mechanical postbuckling of S-FGM plates resting on Pasternak elastic foundations