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  1. Safety of Natural Insecticides: Toxic Effects on Experimental Animals
  2. Anticoagulation, fibrinolytic and the cytotoxic activities of sulfated hemicellulose extracted from rice straw and husk
  3. Preparation and biochemical evaluation of functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes with Punica granatum extract
  4. Ameliorating Effect of Zinc Against Oxidative Stress and Lipid Peroxidation Induced by Fipronil in Male Rats
  5. Formulation and characterization of garlic (Allium sativum L.) essential oil nanoemulsion and its acaricidal activity on eriophyid olive mites (Acari: Eriophyidae)
  6. Lactational exposure to abamectin induced mortality and adverse biochemical and histopathological effects in suckling pups
  7. Nanoemulsion of Camphor (Eucalyptus globulus) Essential Oil, Formulation, Characterization and Insecticidal Activity against Wheat Weevil, Sitophilus granarius
  8. Toxicity Assessment of Chlorpyrifos, Malachite Green and Tetracyclines by Microtox® Assay: Detoxification by Ultrasonic
  9. Adverse Effects of Sixty Days Sub-chronic Exposure to β-cyfluthrin on Male Rats
  10. Green Pesticides: Essential Oils as Biopesticides in Insect-pest Management
  11. Synthesis of some new 1,2,4-triazoles containing olyl moiety and evaluation of their antimicrobial and antioxidant activities
  12. Hepatoprotective Efficacy ofCichorium intybusL. Extract Against Carbon Tetrachloride-induced Liver Damage in Rats
  13. Antioxidant activity and hepatoprotective potential of Cedrelopsis grevei on cypermethrin induced oxidative stress and liver damage in male mice
  14. Future topics of common interest for EU and Egypt in food quality, safety and traceability
  15. Antioxidant Potential and Hepatoprotective Activity of Origanum majorana Leaves Extract against Oxidative Damage and Hepatotoxicity Induced by Pirimiphos-Methyl in Male Mice
  16. Protective Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Grape Pomace against the Adverse Effects of Cypermethrin on Weanling Female Rats
  17. Sub-chronic exposure to fipronil induced oxidative stress, biochemical and histopathological changes in the liver and kidney of male albino rats
  18. Oxidative damage and nephrotoxicity induced by prallethrin in rat and the protective effect of Origanum majorana essential oil
  19. Adverse biochemical effects of various pesticides on sprayers of cotton fields in El-Behira Governorate, Egypt
  20. Lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress in rat erythrocytes induced by aspirin and diazinon: the protective role of selenium
  21. Sulfated Cellulose from Agriculture Wastes, Anticoagulant, Fibrinolytic and Toxicological Studies
  22. Liver damage associated with exposure to aspirin and diazinon in male rats and the ameliorative effect of selenium
  23. Oxidative Damage and Reproductive Toxicity Associated with Cyromazine and Chlorpyrifos in Male Rats: The Protective Effects of Green Tea Extract
  24. Synthesis and evaluation of artesunate–indoloquinoline hybrids as antimalarial drug candidates
  25. Hepato-renal damage and oxidative stress associated with pirimiphos-methyl exposure in male mice
  26. Protective Effects of Vitamin C against Methomyl-Induced Injures on the Testicular Antioxidant Status and Apoptosis-Related Gene Expression in Rat
  27. Antimutagenic Effect of Origanum majorana L. Essential Oil Against Prallethrin-Induced Genotoxic Damage in Rat Bone Marrow Cells
  28. Heavy metal concentrations in the freshwater snail Biomphalaria alexandrina uninfected or infected with cercariae of Schistosoma mansoni and/or Echinostoma liei in Egypt: the potential use of this snail as a bioindicator of pollution
  29. Inorganic Elements Alteration in Biomphalaria alexandrina Snails Naturally Parasitized with Echinostoma liei or Schistosoma mansoni
  30. Amelioration of Prallethrin-Induced Oxidative Stress and Hepatotoxicity in Rat by the Administration ofOriganum majoranaEssential Oil
  31. Haemato-biochemical Effects of Formulated and Technical Cypermethrin and Deltamethrin Insecticides in Male Rats
  32. Cytogenetic Effects of Technical and Formulated Tribenuron-methyl on Rat Bone-marrow Cells
  33. Adverse Haematological and Biochemical Effects of Certain Formulated Insecticides in Male Rats
  34. Cyromazine and Chlorpyrifos Induced Renal Toxicity in Rats: The Ameliorated Effects of Green Tea Extract
  35. Physiological and histopathological changes in the liver of male rats exposed to paracetamol and diazinon
  36. Protective Effect of a Synthetic Antioxidant “Acetyl Gallate Derivative” Against Dimethoate Induced DNA Damage and Oxidant/Antioxidant Status in Male Rats
  37. Phenolic metabolites from Acacia nilotica flowers and evaluation of its free radical scavenging activity
  38. Effect of Exposure to Mixture of Four Organophosphate Insecticides at No Observed Adverse Effect Level Dose on Rat Liver: The Protective Role of Vitamin C
  39. Free radical scavenging and antiacetylcholinesterase activities of Origanum majorana L. essential oil
  40. Adverse effects of exposure to low doses of chlorpyrifos in lactating rats
  41. Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity of New Pyridines Containing Gallate Moieties
  42. Oxidative damage, biochemical and histopathological alterations in rats exposed to chlorpyrifos and the antioxidant role of zinc
  43. Adverse effects of lactational exposure to chlorpyrifos in suckling rats
  44. Effects of methomyl on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in rat erythrocytes: In vitro studies
  45. Lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress in rat erythrocytes induced by chlorpyrifos and the protective effect of zinc