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  1. Deadly foreign terrorism and the rank-ordered tournament for foreign press attention: implications for counterterrorism
  2. When the “Laws of Fear” Do Not Apply: Effective Counterterrorism and the Sense of Security from Terrorism
  3. Media effects: Do terrorist organizations launch foreign attacks in response to levels of press freedom or press attention?
  4. Norms, Diplomatic Alternatives, and the Social Psychology of War Support
  5. Press Freedom, Publicity, and the Cross-National Incidence of Transnational Terrorism
  6. The Strategic Development of Border Areas: Explaining Variation in Interaction Opportunity Across Land Borders
  7. Voice and silence: Why groups take credit for acts of terror
  8. From the Interpersonal to the International: Understanding Commitment to the “War on Terror”
  9. A Conceptualization of Trust in International Relations