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  1. Electro-chemical spark machining–based hybrid machining processes: Research trends and opportunities
  2. Duplex Turning Analysis and Optimization
  3. Development and experimental investigation of duplex turning process
  4. A hybrid approach of Taguchi-Response Surface Methodology for modeling and optimization of Duplex Turning process
  5. Experimental studies on duplex turning of Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V)
  6. Application of Soft Computing Techniques for Modeling and Optimization of Slotted-Electrical Discharge Diamond Face Grinding Process
  7. Machining Performance of Slotted-Electrical Discharge Diamond Face Grinding of Al/SiC/Gr Composite
  8. Slotted-electrical discharge diamond cut-off grinding of Al/SiC/B4C hybrid metal matrix composite
  9. A new way of erosion-abrasion hybrid machining using slotted-diamond grinding wheel
  10. Intelligent modelling and prediction of slotted-electrical discharge diamond grinding of aluminium-silicon carbide-graphite composite