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  1. New idea about using thermal and electric quantities to information transfer within one system.
  2. Thermal-electronic Integrated Circuits Using Thermally Sensitive VO 2 MIT Material
  3. Forty Years of Adventure with Semiconductor Gas Sensors
  4. Scaling of thermal-electronic logic circuits
  5. Thermal-electronic integrated logic
  6. Experimental study of surface distortions in silicon carbide caused by diffusion welding
  7. Electrical characterization of surface and interface potentials on SiC
  8. Investigation of Additional States in the Silicon Carbide Surface after Diffusion Welding
  9. Gas sensing selectivity of hexagonal and monoclinic WO3 to H2S
  10. A simple humidity sensor with thin film porous alumina and integrated heating
  11. Gas sensor applications of porous Si layers
  12. Contact free potential mapping by vibrating capacitor
  13. Silicon surface passivation by static charge
  14. Vibrating capacitor method in the development of semiconductor gas sensors
  15. Chemical imaging by direct methods
  16. Fermi-level pinning and passivation on the oxide-covered and bare silicon surfaces and interfaces
  17. Ultra-thin insulator covered silicon: potential barriers and tunnel currents
  18. Chemical Images by an Artificial Olfactory Bulb
  19. ChemInform Abstract: Surface and Interface Potentials in Semiconductor Chemical Sensors
  20. Nanocatalyst sensitizers by agglomeration of nanofilms
  21. Surface potential mapping: comparison of the vibrating capacitor and the SPV method
  22. Olfactory images by scanning Kelvin method
  23. Reply to “Comments on ‘Surface potential transients of ultrathin SiO2Si structures’”
  24. Surface potential transients of ultrathin SiO2Si structures
  25. Vibrating capacitor: applications in the research of semiconductor gas sensors
  26. In situ STM and AFM characterization of Pd nanoparticle activated SnO/sub 2/ sensor surface