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  1. Effect of a novel ligand on cervical cancer
  2. An insight into Ganoderma lucidum on NRF-2-mediated redox homeostasis in colorectal cancer cells
  3. Therapeutic coalition of vitamin C, selenium and ultrasound against muscle damage in rats
  4. Valproic Acid Attenuated PTZ-induced Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Apoptosis in the SH-SY5Y Cells via Modulating the TRPM2 Channel
  5. Application of a novel bis-structured Schiff base to breast cancer cells.
  6. Novel boron complex as an agent to combat colorectal cancer
  7. Anticancer potential of a new CAIX inhibitor on cervical cancer cells
  8. Effects of a novel inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase IX on colorectal cancer
  9. Abcisic acid and gibberellic acid cause increased lipid peroxidation and fluctuated antioxidant defense systems of various tissues in rats
  10. Protective role of Camellia sinensis and Urtica dioica infusion against trichloroacetic acid
  11. Determination of toxicity of subacute treatment of some plant growth regulators on rats
  12. Toxicological evaluation of abscisic acid and gibberellic acid in the rat
  13. Antioxidant and immune potential marker enzymes assessment in the various tissues of rats exposed to indoleacetic acid and kinetin: A drinking water study
  14. Some Phytohormones -PGR application confronts antioxidant defence systems
  15. Effects of indoleacetic acid and kinetin on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant defense in various tissues of rats