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  1. Simulation of an extension of Mallows-Bradley-Terry ranking model by acceptance-rejection method
  2. On the Classification of Colored Textures From a Texture-Ranking Experiment: Observers Ability of Discrimination Quantification
  3. Setting up an efficient survey of Aedes albopictus in an unfamiliar urban area
  4. Respiratory Health Risks Associated with Workplaces Located in Roundabouts and Outside of Roundabouts along a Road with High-Traffic at Cotonou, Benin
  5. A Généralisation. of thé Mallows-Bradley-Terry model
  6. A stochastic approach to uncertainty quantification in residual moveout analysis
  7. Capacity of observers to discriminate textures according to the visual contrast.
  8. The link between social network density and rank-order consistency of aggressiveness in juvenile eels
  9. Predicting In-Hospital Maternal Mortality in Senegal and Mali
  10. Two Masters on ‘Mathematics for Industry’ at the Universities of Paris and of Pau
  11. Stochastic Dependence Modelling Using Conditional Elliptical Processes
  12. Estimation of long-memory parameters for seasonal fractional ARIMA with stable innovations
  13. Biplots for matched two-way tables
  14. Antixenotic and antibiotic components of resistance to the cassava mealybug Phenacoccus manihoti (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) in various host-plants
  15. Asymptotic study of eigenelements of a sequence of random selfadjoint operators