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  1. Controlling atomic disorder in ultrathin solar cells gives record-breaking efficiency
  2. Corrigendum: Perovskite-inspired materials for photovoltaics and beyond—from design to devices (2021 Nanotechnology 32 132004)
  3. Electron-hole Recombination by Native Defects in Cadmium Telluride Solar Cells
  4. Solution synthesis of layered tin monoxide (SnO) nanosheets for high-performance battery electrodes
  5. Tutorial Review: Defect Tolerance and Emerging Lead-Free Alternative Perovskites for Optoelectronics
  6. Spontaneous lattice polarisation hidden to macroscopic diffraction techniques
  7. Doping Perovskite-Inspired Materials with Sn giving Mixed-Valence (Disproportionation)
  8. Bandgap tuning by alloying of bismuth and antimony double perovskites