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  1. Estimation of nitrates and nitrites intake by the Brazilian population
  2. Gluten‐free breads made with teff (Eragrostis tef)
  3. Influence of tef flour and its association with other flours on the nutritional, technological, and sensory quality of bakery products
  4. Characteristics of gluten-free cakes made with teff
  5. Teff flour showed promising use of teff flour in breads
  6. Effect of whey protein and mixed flours on the quality parameters of gluten-free breads
  7. Milk Proteins As Alternatives of Reducing Sugar in Cookies: Chemical and Technological Approaches
  8. Technological Evaluation of High Fiber And Gluten-Free Breads Made With Teff (Eragrostis tef) and Associated Flours
  9. Potential of breads with teff, whey protein and cassava starch flour and in cakes
  10. Determination of the potential of teff flour in cakes
  11. Influence of tef flour on chemical and technological of gluten-free breads.