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  1. Agrobacterium arsenijevicii sp. nov., isolated from crown gall tumors on raspberry and cherry plum
  2. Genetic relatedness and recombination analysis ofAllorhizobium vitisstrains associated with grapevine crown gall outbreaks in Europe
  3. Draft Genome Sequences of Agrobacterium nepotum Strain 39/7 T and Agrobacterium sp. Strain KFB 330
  4. Genetic diversity of tumorigenic bacteria associated with crown gall disease of raspberry in Serbia
  5. Characterization and phylogenetic diversity of Agrobacterium vitis from Serbia based on sequence analysis of 16S-23S rRNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region
  6. Identification and characterization of Agrobacterium spp. isolated from apricot in Serbia
  7. Pseudomonas syringaepv.actinidiaedetection in kiwifruit plant tissue and bleeding sap
  8. First Report of Agrobacterium vitis as the Causal Agent of Grapevine Crown Gall in Serbia
  9. Differentiation of Pseudomonas syringae pathovars originating from stone fruits
  10. Identification of Agrobacterium vitis as a causal agent of grapevine crown gall in Serbia
  11. Differentiation of Phytopathogenic agrobacterium spp.
  12. Fatty acid analysis of Erwinia amylovora from Serbia and Montenegro