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  1. Anthropogenic pollution decreases the size of octocorals
  2. Evidence of hypoxia in the eastern coast of the Gulf of California as induced by stable nitrogen isotopes in surface sediments
  3. Vertical variability of benthic foraminifera and trace elements in a tropical coastal lagoon in the Gulf of California
  4. Dataset of octocoral assemblages in fore reefs in the northwestern region of Cuba
  5. Stable nitrogen isotopes in octocorals as an indicator of water quality decline from the northwestern region of Cuba
  6. Spatio temporal variation in octocoral assemblages along a water quality gradient in the northwestern region of Cuba
  7. Population status of Acropora palmata (Lamarck, 1816) in Cuban coral reefs
  8. Ecological condition of coral reef assemblages in the Cuban Archipelago
  9. Coral communities condition in varying wave exposure: the gulf of Cazones, Cuba