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  1. General Reference and Design S–N Curves Obtained for 1.2709 Tool Steel
  2. Doweled cross Laminated Timber (DCLT) Building Air Tightness and Energy Efficiency Measurements: Case Study in Poland
  3. Crest factor and kurtosis parameter under vibrational random loading
  4. A frequency-domain model assessing random loading damage by the strain energy density parameter
  5. Application of the S-N Curve Mean Stress Correction Model in Terms of Fatigue Life Estimation for Random Torsional Loading for Selected Aluminum Alloys
  6. Formulation of multiaxial fatigue failure criteria for spectral method
  7. Fatigue life estimation of explosive cladded transition joints with the use of the spectral method for the case of a random sea state
  8. The Heat Conductivity Properties of Hemp–Lime Composite Material Used in Single-Family Buildings
  9. Fatigue Life Estimation with Mean Stress Effect Compensation for Lightweight Structures—The Case of GLARE 2 Composite
  10. Influence of the Elastoplastic Strain on Fatigue Durability Determined with the Use of the Spectral Method
  11. Fatigue Life Calculation with the Use of the Energy Parameter for the Elastic Material State in the Spectral Method
  12. Numerical Simulation of Residual Stress Induced by Welding of Steel-Aluminum Transition Joint
  13. Fatigue life assessment algorithm modification in terms of taking into account the effect of overloads in the frequency domain
  14. Fatigue life assessment with the use of spectral method for materials subjected to standardized wind loading spectrums
  15. Frequency-domain fatigue life estimation with mean stress correction
  16. Universal Mean-Stress Effect Correction in Stochastic Fatigue-Damage Accumulation
  17. The Use of Spectral Method for Fatigue Life Assessment for Non-Gaussian Random Loads
  18. Mean Stress Effect Correction in Frequency-domain Methods for Fatigue Life Assessment
  19. Multiaxial Fatigue Test Stand Concept – Stand and Control Design
  20. Strain-based Multiaxial Fatigue Life Evaluation Using Spectral Method
  21. Determination of Fatigue Life with the Use of Spectral Method on the Basis of Fatigue Strain Characteristics
  22. Influence of Estimation Methods of Power Spectral Density Function on the Calculated Fatigue Life with Spectral Method
  23. Mean stress effect correction using constant stress ratio S–N curves
  24. Determination of Fatigue Life on the Basis of Experimental Fatigue Diagrams under Constant Amplitude Load with Mean Stress