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  1. Trauma team leaders in Canada: A national survey
  2. Reasons and outcomes for patients receiving ICS/LABA agents prior to, and one month after, emergency department presentations for acute asthma
  3. Impact of wearing a helmet on the risk of hospitalization and intracranial haemorrhage after a sports injury
  4. Early Factors Associated with the Development of Chronic Pain in Trauma Patients
  5. Using the Bergman-Paris Question to screen seniors in the emergency department
  6. Emergency Department Stay Associated Delirium in Older Patients*
  7. Feasibility of emergency department point-of-care ultrasound for rib fracture diagnosis in minor thoracic injury
  8. Impacts of sternal fractures
  9. Response to Canbaz and Colleagues
  10. Functional Impact of a Minor Thoracic Injury
  11. Tamsulosin for treatment of unilateral distal ureterolithiasis: a systematic review and metaanalysis
  12. Patients With Rib Fractures Do Not Develop Delayed Pneumonia: A Prospective, Multicenter Cohort Study of Minor Thoracic Injury
  13. Definition of mortality for trauma center performance evaluation: A comparative study*
  14. Refinement of the Quebec decision rule for radiography in shoulder dislocation
  15. Clinical Factors Predicting Fractures Associated with an Anterior Shoulder Dislocation
  16. Shoulder Injuries