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  1. Mobile Apps for the Management of Comorbid Overweight/Obesity and Depression/Anxiety: A Systematic Review
  2. Comparison of body mass index range criteria and their association with cognition, functioning and depression: a cross-sectional study in Mexican older adults
  3. Narratives of Patients with Osteoarthritis from Yucatan: A Focus Group Interview Study
  4. Psychological Intervention in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients
  5. Open Access Scientific Evidence of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Patients with Fibromyalgia
  6. Psychometric properties of the Seville quality of life questionnaire in Mexican patients with psychosis
  7. Quality of life in Mexican patients with primary neurological or musculoskeletal disabilities
  8. Symptoms and Etiological Attribution: A Cross-Sectional Study in Mexican Outpatients with Psychosis and Their Relatives
  9. Curso de la enfermedad y calidad de vida en pacientes mexicanos con psicosis
  10. Insight and illness perception in Mexican patients with psychosis
  11. Causal Attribution and Illness Perception: A Cross-Sectional Study in Mexican Patients with Psychosis
  12. Predictors of expressed emotion, burden and quality of life in relatives of Mexican patients with psychosis
  13. Psychotic-like symptoms and positive schizotypy are associated with mixed and ambiguous handedness in an adolescent community sample
  14. Illness Perception Mediates the Effect of Illness Course on the Quality of Life of Mexican Patients with Psychosis
  15. Predictors of outcome in the early course of first-episode psychosis