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  1. Interactions between the principal risk factors for reduction of the eGFR in unvaccinated COVID‑19 survivors: Normal pre-COVID‑19 eGFR, not having diabetes and being hospitalized
  2. Potassium permanganate use in the management of a wound induced by contact with Paederus: A case report
  3. Prostate cancer and mefenamic acid
  4. Characterisation of palliative sedation use in inpatients at a medium-stay palliative care unit
  5. Patient‑reported health outcomes for severe knee osteoarthritis after conservative treatment with an intra‑articular cell‑free formulation for articular cartilage regeneration combined with usual medical care vs. usual medical care alone: A randomized ...
  6. Response to: Chikungunya and Zika in Huila: Mapping their Incidence in a Neglected Area of Colombia
  7. Desempeño de los sistemas de puntuación PSI y CURB-65 para predecir la mortalidad a 30 días de la neumonía asociada a la asistencia sanitaria
  8. Performance of the PSI and CURB-65 scoring systems in predicting 30-day mortality in healthcare-associated pneumonia
  9. Dengue virus-1 NS5 genetic variant associated with a severe clinical infection
  10. Topical 5% potassium permanganate solution acceleratesthe healing process
  11. Smoking and female sex as key risk factors associated with severe arthralgia
  12. A promising novel formulation for articular cartilage regeneration: Preclinical evaluation of a treatment that produces SOX9 overexpression in human synovial fluid cells
  13. Del autor hasta su publicación.
  14. Polimorfismo rs4285184 del gen MGAT1 como factor de riesgo de obesidad en la población mexicana
  15. The rs4285184 polymorphism of the MGAT1 gene as a risk factor for obesity in the Mexican population
  16. Expected years of life lost through road traffic injuries in Mexico
  17. Efficacy of Tamsulosin, Oxybutynin, and their combination in the control of double-j stent-related lower urinary tract symptoms
  18. The D9N, N291S, and T495G Polymorphisms of the Lipoprotein Lipase Gene Are Not Associated with Cerebral Infarction
  19. Effects of the SLCO1B1 *1 and SLCO1B1 *5 polymorphisms on IL-6 and IL-10 levels in patients under pravastatin treatment prior to inguinal hernia repair
  20. Prostatic Blastomycosis: An Infrequent Cause of Granulomatous Prostatitis
  21. Histological changes caused by meclofenamic acid in androgen independent prostate cancer tumors: evaluation in a mouse model
  22. Anti‑inflammatory drugs and uterine cervical cancer cells: Antineoplastic effect of meclofenamic acid
  23. Prevención cuaternaria
  24. VPH. virus del papiloma humano
  25. Cáncer de próstata en hombres jóvenes
  26. No hay beneficio con el tratamiento inmediato de deprivación hormonal en recurrencia bioquímica de cáncer de próstata
  27. Cáncer de próstata y bisfenoles
  28. Tamaño del lóbulo medio prostático intravesical como predictor del resultado del intento de retiro de sonda transuretral en pacientes con retención aguda de orina
  29. Protective effect of doxycycline on germinal epithelial loss caused by a high-fat diet
  30. A comparative study on the use of tamsulosin versus alfuzosin in spontaneous micturition recovery after transurethral catheter removal in patients with benign prostatic growth
  31. Reply to the comments of Kathpalia et al. to the article: effect of intraprostatic epinephrine on intraoperative blood loss reduction during transurethral resection of the prostate
  32. Effect of intraprostatic epinephrine on intraoperative blood loss reduction during transurethral resection of the prostate
  33. Antitumor effect of meclofenamic acid on human androgen-independent prostate cancer: a preclinical evaluation
  34. Metalloproteinase-1 usefulness in urethral stricture treatment
  35. A dramatic case of genital radionecrosis
  36. Association between human papillomavirus in men and their sexual partners and uterine cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
  37. Prostatic profile, premature ejaculation, erectile function and andropause in an at-risk Mexican population