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  1. Dynamic capabilities in times of economic crisis. A vision of success in international markets
  2. COVID-19 and telemedicine: A netnography approach
  3. Adoption of social networking sites among older adults: The role of the technology readiness and the generation to identifying segments
  4. Explaining the Consumption Technology Acceptance in the Elderly Post-Pandemic: Effort Expectancy Does Not Matter
  5. Acceptance of Social Networking Sites by Older People before and after COVID-19 Confinement: A Repeated Cross-Sectional Study in Chile, Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB)
  6. Dynamic Innovation Capabilities and their Impact on Export Performance in Times of Economic Crisis
  7. Corrigendum: Segmentation of Older Adults in the Acceptance of Social Networking Sites Using Machine Learning
  8. Food-related lifestyles across generations
  9. When does personalization work on social media? a posteriori segmentation of consumers
  10. Segmentation of Older Adults in the Acceptance of Social Networking Sites Using Machine Learning
  11. Ways of shopping & retail mix at the Greengrocer's
  12. Social Network Communications in Chilean Older Adults
  13. Is your smartphone ugly? Importance of aesthetics in young people's intention to continue using smartphones
  14. Local Fresh Food Products and Plant-Based Diets: An Analysis of the Relation Between Them
  15. International expansion: mediation of dynamic capabilities
  16. Purchase Intention of Specialty Coffee
  17. Self-efficacy and anxiety as determinants of older adults’ use of Internet Banking Services
  18. A posteriori segmentation of elderly internet users: applying PLS-POS
  19. Analysing the acceptation of online games in mobile devices: An application of UTAUT2
  20. Assessing differences in customers’ personal disposition to e-commerce
  21. Complexity of Understanding Consumer Behavior from the Marketing Perspective
  22. Explaining Performance Expectancy of IoT in Chilean SMEs
  23. A Posteriori Segmentation of Personal Profiles of Online Video Games’ Players
  24. Student information system satisfaction in higher education: the role of visual aesthetics
  25. Antecedents of WOM: SNS-user segmentation
  26. El uso de los servicios online por los mayores: análisis de la banca por Internet / Usage of online services by elderly people: an analysis of internet banking
  27. Modelling the success of learning management systems: application of latent class segmentation using FIMIX-PLS
  28. Moderating effect of learning styles on a learning management system’s success
  29. Global model of export performance: Moderator role of export department
  31. Are Operating Systems of Smart Phones Relevant in Behavioral Intention to Use Mobile Internet?
  32. Predicting behavioral intention of mobile Internet usage
  33. Gender and Acceptance of E-Learning: A Multi-Group Analysis Based on a Structural Equation Model among College Students in Chile and Spain
  34. Sweet Spots for Manuscripts: Visualizing the Quality of Scientific Production
  35. Uso de la teoría de la acción razonada para explicar la aceptación de los servicios de internet móvil - DOI: 10.5102/un.gti.v5i1.3404
  36. From digital divide to psycho-digital divide: Elders and online social networks
  38. A comparison of the different versions of popular technology acceptance models
  39. Travel Buying Behavior in Social Network Site Users: to Buy Online vs. Offline
  40. Un análisis empírico de las recomendaciones comerciales en los sitios de redes sociales
  41. External environment and the moderating role of export market orientation
  42. Gender in the Elderly Internet Users
  43. Social identity, electronic word-of-mouth and referrals in social network services
  44. Elderly Persons and Internet Use
  45. Uso de los servicios de redes sociales por la generación Y
  46. Cross cultural analysis of the use and perceptions of web Based learning systems
  47. Influencia del Género en la Percepción y Adopción de e-Learning: Estudio Exploratorio en una Universidad Chilena
  48. The Relationship Between E-WOM from SNS or Internet and Purchase
  49. Personal and Firm Drivers of Export Entrepreneurship