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  1. Simulating Building Thermal Dynamics: Integrating Heating Systems for Efficient Energy Management
  2. Assessing Operational Temperature Levels in District Heating Systems: Exploring Efficiency Gains
  3. Simplifying Hydraulic Calculations with Mathematical Models for District Heating Systems
  4. A Demand-Responsive Control Strategy to Reduce Return Temperature at District Heating Systems
  5. Upgraded radiator model as a part of district heating simulation
  6. Optimization of Low-Temperature District Heating Networks by Boosting Supply Temperature
  7. Optimizing Renewable Energy Systems for Sustainable Heating, Electricity, and Cooling in Urban Areas
  8. The Impact of Hydrostatic Design Pressure on Low-Temperature District Heating Network Dimensions
  9. Optimizing Renewable Energy Systems for Regional Heat Requirements: An Energy Planning Tool
  10. A Comparative Study on Network Layouts and Substations of Low-Temperature District Heating Systems
  11. How to Optimize District Heating Systems (Low-Temperature and Traditional Generations)