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  1. Application of the counterfactual method to assess of the local economic impact of a nuclear power station
  2. The Paradox of Peruvian Growth: The Evolution of Territorial Disparities and Regional Policy
  3. Housing and cost of living: Application to the Spanish regions
  4. Cambios territoriales en la Comunidad de Madrid: policentrismo y dispersión
  5. The Evolution of Spanish Regional Policy, 1977–2008
  6. The Spanish Regional Puzzle: Convergence, Divergence and Structural Change
  7. Regional policy in the European Union: The cohesion‐competitiveness dilemma
  8. The impact of the university upon local economy: three methods to estimate demand-side effects
  9. Regional Welfare Disparities: A Leisure Analysis
  10. Cambio estructural y desarrollo regional en España: Rubén Garrido Yserte (2002)
  11. Regional Dynamics in the European Union: Winners and Losers
  12. Regional productivity patterns in Europe: An alternative approach