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  1. Unlocking Better Cities: Using Fuzzy Logic to Enhance Municipal Governance
  2. Discovering Spain's Early Routes: Unveiling the First Pre-Postal Maps of the Iberian Peninsula
  3. Mapping the 16th Century: Visualizing Spain's Historical Road Networks
  4. The choice of Madrid as the capital of Spain by Philip II in the light of the knowledge of his time: A transport network perspective
  5. Digitalization in B2B marketing: omnichannel management from a PLS-SEM approach
  6. The Hispania Map of the Hogenberg Road Atlas (1579) and the Current Spanish Transport Network
  7. Omnichannel Management in B2B. Complexity-based model. Empirical evidence from a panel of experts based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
  8. Omnichannel Management in a B2B context: Concept, research agenda and bibliometric review
  9. Emergence of complex socioeconomic networks driven by individual and collective interests
  10. Complex networks to understand the past: the case of roads in Bourbon Spain
  11. Taming out-of-equilibrium dynamics on interconnected networks
  12. Assessment of policies using the "core" and "periphery" macroeconomic models in the post-crisis environment
  13. Spatial distribution of economic activities: a network approach
  14. Improving transportation networks: Effects of population structure and decision making policies
  15. Publications Emerald
  16. Building Activities in Barcelona and Madrid Metropolitan Areas
  17. A multi-agent model of several economic regions
  18. MOSIPS Agent-Based Model for Predicting and Simulating the Impact of Public Policies on SMEs
  19. Women, entrepreneurial activity and territory: differences or myths?
  20. Concentration Analysis Using Microgreographic Data