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  1. Issues with Cancer Spheroid Models in Therapeutic Drug Screening
  2. Understanding and Preventing Adverse Effects of Tacrolimus Metabolization in Transplant Patients
  3. Delivery of Dry Powders to the Lungs: Influence of Particle Attributes from a Biological and Technological Point of View
  4. Comparison of conventional and advanced in vitro models in the toxicity testing of nanoparticles
  5. Value of phagocyte function screening for immunotoxicity of nanoparticles in vivo
  6. The current role of targeted therapies to induce radioiodine uptake in thyroid cancer
  7. Photohardening of polymorphic light eruption patients decreases baseline epidermal Langerhans cell density while increasing mast cell numbers in the papillary dermis
  8. Toxicological Assessment of Inhaled Nanoparticles: Role of in Vivo, ex Vivo, in Vitro, and in Silico Studies
  9. Reaction of monocytes to polystyrene and silica nanoparticles in short-term and long-term exposures
  10. Mucus as Barrier for Drug Delivery by Nanoparticles
  11. Gas Permeation, Mechanical Behavior and Cytocompatibility of Ultrathin Pure and Doped Diamond-Like Carbon and Silicon Oxide Films
  12. Cellular Targets and Mechanisms in the Cytotoxic Action of Non-biodegradable Engineered Nanoparticles
  13. Titanium dioxide nanoparticles and the oral uptake-route
  14. In Vitro and In Vivo Techniques to Assess Neurotoxicity of Nanoparticles
  15. Assessment of Long-Term Effects of Nanoparticles in a Microcarrier Cell Culture System
  16. Comparison of two in vitro systems to assess cellular effects of nanoparticles-containing aerosols
  17. Suitability of Cell-Based Label-Free Detection for Cytotoxicity Screening of Carbon Nanotubes
  18. New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools for Thyroid Cancer
  19. The role of surface charge in cellular uptake and cytotoxicity of medical nanoparticles
  20. Combination of small size and carboxyl functionalisation causes cytotoxicity of short carbon nanotubes
  21. Interspecies differences in membrane-associated protease activities of thyrocytes and their relevance for thyroid cancer studies
  22. Chemical coupling of thiolated chitosan to preformed liposomes improves mucoadhesive properties
  23. Differentiation Therapy in Thyroid Carcinoma
  24. Models for oral uptake of nanoparticles in consumer products
  25. Action of polystyrene nanoparticles of different sizes on lysosomal function and integrity
  26. Do antidiabetic medications play a specific role in differentiated thyroid cancer compared to other cancer types?
  27. Cytotoxity of nanoparticles is influenced by size, proliferation and embryonic origin of the cells used for testing
  28. Evaluation of a physiologicalin vitrosystem to study the transport of nanoparticles through the buccal mucosa
  29. Pro-angiogenic induction of myeloid cells for therapeutic angiogenesis can induce mitogen-activated protein kinase p38-dependent foam cell formation
  30. EP4 receptor stimulation down-regulates human eosinophil function
  31. Targeted High-Throughput Sequencing Identifies Mutations in atlastin-1 as a Cause of Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy Type I
  32. Proteases in cutaneous malignant melanoma: relevance as biomarker and therapeutic target
  33. Proliferation analysis of the growth plate after diaphyseal midshaft fracture by 5′-bromo-2′-deoxy-uridine
  34. The Neuron: The Basis for Processing and Propagation of Information in The Nervous System
  35. Size-dependent effects of nanoparticles on the activity of cytochrome P450 isoenzymes
  36. Chitosan-4-mercaptobenzoic acid: synthesis and characterization of a novel thiolated chitosan
  37. Alterations in the ankyrin domain of TRPV4 cause congenital distal SMA, scapuloperoneal SMA and HMSN2C
  38. Postpolymerization modification of poly(pentafluorophenyl methacrylate): Synthesis of a diverse water‐soluble polymer library
  39. The role of nanoparticle size in hemocompatibility
  40. Dipeptidyl peptidase II is not a marker for progression in melanoma
  41. Cytotoxicity of nanoparticles independent from oxidative stress
  42. Induction of iodide uptake in transformed thyrocytes: a compound screening in cell lines
  43. Chondrocyte apoptosis enhanced at the growth plate: a physeal response to a diaphyseal fracture
  44. Antitumor Effects of Arsenic Trioxide in Transformed Human Thyroid Cells
  45. Hemocompatibility of various nanoparticles in human blood
  46. Is transketolase like 1 a target for the treatment of differentiated thyroid carcinoma? A study on thyroid cancer cell lines
  47. Cathepsins in basal cell carcinomas: activity, immunoreactivity and mRNA staining of cathepsins B, D, H and L
  48. Regional differences and post-mortem stability of enzymatic activities in the retinal pigment epithelium
  49. Mammalian Bax triggers apoptotic changes in yeast
  50. Development of multibank rod retinae in deep-sea fishes
  51. Rod Outer Segment Renewal in the Retinae of Deep-sea Fish
  52. Basal lamina formation by porcine thyroid cells grown in collagen- and laminin-deficient medium
  53. Basal lamina formation by porcine thyroid cells grown in collagen- and laminin-deficient medium
  54. Patterns of rod proliferation in deep-sea fish retinae
  55. The occurrence of dopaminergic interplexiform cells correlates with the presence of cones in the retinae of fish
  56. Mammalian Müller (glial) cells express functional D2 dopamine receptors