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  1. Understanding Energy Performance of Containers Deployment on HPC-Based post-Moore Platforms
  2. EduHPC Lightning Talk Summary
  3. Hyperparameter Optimization for Convolutional Neural Networks with Genetic Algorithms and Bayesian Optimization
  4. Impact of Containerization on Low-Cost Post Moore Computing Architectures
  5. Scalable Architectures to Support Sustainable Advanced Information Technologies
  6. Denaturing and dNTPs reagents improve SARS-CoV-2 detection via single and multiplex RT-qPCR
  7. Towards Fire Identification Model in Satellite Images Using HPC Embedded Systems and AI
  8. High Performance Computing
  9. A Methodology for Evaluating the Energy Efficiency of Post-Moore Architectures
  10. An Analysis of Neural Architecture Search and Hyper Parameter Optimization Methods
  11. Nearly Quantum Computing by Simulation
  12. On the resource consumption of Software quantum computing simulators
  13. Datacentric Analysis to Reduce Pedestrians Accidents: A Case Study in Colombia
  14. Analysis of Regularization in Deep Learning Models on Testbed Architectures
  15. Fostering Remote Visualization: Experiences in Two Different HPC Sites
  16. Methodology for Design and Implementation an Efficient HPC Cluster
  17. Towards Smart-City Implementation for Crisis Management in Fast-Growing and Unplanned Cities: the Colombian Scenario
  18. Impact of Functional Package Manager Over a Non-Traditional High Performance Computing System
  19. Multi-objective Configuration of a Secured Distributed Cloud Data Storage
  20. Crustacean vitellogenin: since perspective to Next Generation Sequencing.
  21. Methodology for Tailored Linux Distributions Development for HPC Embedded Systems
  22. Boosting Advanced Computational Applications and Resources in Latin America through Collaboration and Sharing
  23. Energy Model for Low-Power Cluster
  24. Importance of databases of nucleic acids for bioinformatic analysis focused to genomics
  25. enerGyPU and enerGyPhi Monitor for Power Consumption and Performance Evaluation on Nvidia Tesla GPU and Intel Xeon Phi
  26. Federated Campus Cloud Colombian Initiative
  27. Message from the CCGrid 2016 General Chairs
  28. 3D seismic modeling using hybrid arquitectures
  29. Asynchronous in Situ Processing with Gromacs: Taking Advantage of GPUs
  30. Methods for Job Scheduling on Computational Grids: Review and Comparison
  31. Parallelization of the Scale‐Changing Technique in Grid Computing environment for the electronmagnetic simulation of multi‐scale structures
  32. Electromagnetic simulations via parallel computing: an application using scale changing technique for modeling of passive planar reflectarrays in grid environment
  33. High Bandwidth Anomalies in Cluster and Grid Data Transfer