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  1. Biogas dry reforming over Ni-La-Ti catalysts for synthesis gas production: Effects of preparation method and biogas composition
  2. Cover Feature: Stability of a Silica‐Supported Second Generation Hoveyda‐Grubbs Catalyst Under Atmospheric Conditions: Experimental and Computational Studies (ChemCatChem 10/2023)
  3. Stability of a Silica‐Supported Second Generation Hoveyda‐Grubbs Catalyst Under Atmospheric Conditions: Experimental and Computational Studies
  4. Synthesis of indene in the liquid phase by a one-pot process using orthogonal tandem catalysis
  5. High performance Ni-catalysts supported on rare-earth zirconates (La and Y) for hydrogen production through ethanol steam reforming. Characterization and assay
  6. Selective synthesis of 1-indanol by 1-indanone liquid-phase hydrogenation over metal-based catalysts: A LHHW kinetic approach
  7. Highly selective production of benzylamine from benzonitrile on metal-supported catalysts
  8. Highly hydrothermal stable carbon-coated Pt/SiO2 catalysts to produce hydrogen via APR of polyols
  9. Hydrogen-rich gas production by steam and oxidative steam reforming of crude glycerol over Ni-La-Me mixed oxide catalysts (Me= Ce and/or Zr)
  11. Solvent effects in solid acid-catalyzed reactions: The case of the liquid-phase isomerization/cyclization of citronellal over SiO2-Al2O3
  12. Valorisation of plant oil derivatives via metathesis reactions: Study of the cross-metathesis of methyl oleate with cinnamaldehyde
  13. Selective one-pot synthesis of asymmetric secondary amines via N-alkylation of nitriles with alcohols
  14. Effect of the catalyst preparation method on the performance of Ni-supported catalysts for the synthesis of saturated amines from nitrile hydrogenation
  15. Equilibrium data for the cross-metathesis of methyl oleate with cinnamaldehyde
  16. Valorisation of vegetable oils by heterogeneous catalysis via metathesis reactions
  17. Selective synthesis of acetaldehyde from lactic acid on acid zeolites
  18. Hydrogen production by crude glycerol steam reforming over Ni–La–Ti mixed oxide catalysts
  19. XXV Iberoamerican Congress on Catalysis (CICat-2016)
  20. Bio-hydrogen production by APR of C 2 -C 6 polyols on Pt/Al 2 O 3 : Dependence of H 2 productivity on metal content
  21. Kinetic and mechanistic study of the synthesis of ionone isomers from pseudoionone on Brønsted acid solids
  22. Production of bio-hydrogen by liquid processing of xylitol on Pt/Al 2 O 3 catalysts: Effect of the metal loading
  23. Aqueous phase reforming of sorbitol on Pt/Al2O3: Effect of metal loading and reaction conditions on H2 productivity
  24. Upgrading of biomass-derived 2-hexanol to liquid transportation fuels on Cu–Mg–Al mixed oxides. Effect of Cu content
  25. Catalytic valorization of oil-derived fatty esters via cross-metathesis with nitriles
  26. Heterogeneous catalysis for valorisation of vegetable oils via metathesis reactions: ethenolysis of methyl oleate
  27. Liquid phase dehydration of 1-indanol: Selective synthesis of indene over microporous acid catalysts
  28. Liquid transportation fuels from biomass-derived oxygenates: Gas-phase 2-hexanol upgrading on Cu-based mixed oxides
  29. Valorisation of vegetable oils via metathesis reactions on solid catalysts: Cross-metathesis of methyl oleate with 1-hexene
  30. Conversion of Biomass-Derived 2-Hexanol to Liquid Transportation Fuels: Study of the Reaction Mechanism on Cu–Mg–Al Mixed Oxides
  31. Steam reforming of glycerol: Hydrogen production optimization
  32. Chemoselective hydrogenation of unsaturated nitriles to unsaturated primary amines: Conversion of cinnamonitrile on metal-supported catalysts
  33. Impact of solvent on Co/SiO2 activity and selectivity for the synthesis of n-butylamine from butyronitrile hydrogenation
  34. Glycerolysis of methyl oleate on MgO: Experimental and theoretical study of the reaction selectivity
  35. Adsorption of 2-propanol on MgO surface: A combined experimental and theoretical study
  36. Selective synthesis of p -ethylphenol by gas-phase alkylation of phenol with ethanol
  37. Conversion of butyronitrile to butylamines on noble metals: effect of the solvent on catalyst activity and selectivity
  38. Liquid-phase hydrogenation of acetophenone over silica-supported Ni, Co and Cu catalysts: Influence of metal and solvent
  39. Phenol methylation on acid catalysts: Study of the catalyst deactivation kinetics and mechanism
  40. Effect of support on the deep oxidation of propane and propylene on Pt-based catalysts
  41. Synthesis ofn-Butylamine from Butyronitrile on Ni/SiO2: Effect of Solvent
  42. Self-metathesis of methyl oleate on silica-supported Hoveyda–Grubbs catalysts
  43. Gas phase imidazole methylation on zeolites and HPA/SiO2: Study of acid site requirements and catalyst deactivation
  44. Preface
  45. Liquid-phase dehydration of 1-phenylethanol on solid acids: Influence of catalyst acidity and pore structure
  46. Synthesis of menthols from citral on Ni/SiO2–Al2O3 catalysts
  47. Hydrogenation of nitriles to primary amines on metal-supported catalysts: Highly selective conversion of butyronitrile to n-butylamine
  48. Selective Hydrogenation of Soybean Oil on Copper Catalysts as a Tool Towards Improved Bioproducts
  50. Monoglyceride synthesis by glycerolysis of methyl oleate on MgO: Catalytic and DFT study of the active site
  51. Liquid phase selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde over copper supported catalysts
  52. Renewable Resources and Renewable Energy
  53. Catalytic Technologies for Sustainable Development in Argentina
  54. Effect of MgO activation conditions on its catalytic properties for base-catalyzed reactions
  55. One-pot synthesis of olefins from aromatic ketones via tandem consecutive hydrogenation–dehydration reactions
  56. Activity, selectivity and stability of Zn-exchanged NaY and ZSM5 zeolites for the synthesis of o-hydroxyacetophenone by phenol acylation
  57. Gas-phase reduction of cyclic and acyclic α,β-unsaturated ketones by hydrogen transfer on MgO. Effect of the ketone structure
  58. Study of the water-gas shift reaction over Pt supported on CeO2–ZrO2 mixed oxides
  59. Study of the Alkylation of Phenol with Methanol on Zn(H)-Exchanged NaY Zeolites
  60. MgO-based catalysts for monoglyceride synthesis from methyl oleate and glycerol: Effect of Li promotion
  61. Solvent effect in the liquid-phase hydrogenation of acetophenone over Ni/SiO2: A comprehensive study of the phenomenon
  62. Monoglyceride synthesis by glycerolysis of methyl oleate on solid acid–base catalysts
  63. Study of the phenol methylation mechanism on zeolites HBEA, HZSM5 and HMCM22
  64. Catalytic and DRIFTS study of the WGS reaction on Pt-based catalysts
  65. Synthesis of ionones on solid Brønsted acid catalysts: Effect of acid site strength on ionone isomer selectivity
  66. Heterogeneously-Catalyzed Glycerolysis of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters: Reaction Parameter Optimization
  67. Effect of V2O5 Loading on Propane Combustion over Pt/V2O5–Al2O3 Catalysts
  68. Liquid-phase dehydration of 1-phenylethanol over HZSM-5: Kinetic modeling
  69. Ionone synthesis by cyclization of pseudoionone on silica-supported heteropolyacid catalysts
  70. Deep Oxidation of Benzene on Pt/V2O5–TiO2 Catalysts
  71. Liquid-phase dehydration of 1-phenylethanol over mordenite-like zeolites: Influence of Si/Al ratio
  72. Catalytic and kinetic study of the liquid-phase hydrogenation of acetophenone over Cu/SiO2 catalyst
  73. Study of the citral/acetone reaction on MgyAlOx oxides: Effect of the chemical composition on catalyst activity, selectivity and stability
  74. Selective synthesis of p-cresol by methylation of phenol
  75. Synthesis of cresols by alkylation of phenol with methanol on solid acids
  76. Synthesis of Ionones by Cyclization of Pseudoionone on Solid Acid Catalysts
  77. Kinetic Modeling of the Liquid-Phase Hydrogenation of Cinnamaldehyde on Copper-Based Catalysts
  78. Design of catalyst systems for the one-pot synthesis of menthols from citral
  79. The origin of the enhanced activity of Pt/zeolites for combustion of C2–C4 alkanes
  80. One-step methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) synthesis from 2-propanol: Catalyst and reaction condition optimization
  81. Outlook on Catalytic Technologies for Sustainable Development
  82. Synthesis of Pseudoionones by Aldol Condensation of Citral with Acetone on Li-Modified MgO Catalysts
  83. International Symposium on Acid–Base Catalysis V (ABC-V), Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, June 27th–July 1st 2005
  84. Acid site requirements for the synthesis of o-hydroxyacetophenone by acylation of phenol with acetic acid
  85. Aldol condensation of citral with acetone on MgO and alkali-promoted MgO catalysts
  86. Acylation of phenol on solid acids: Study of the deactivation mechanism
  87. Promoting effect of zinc on the vapor-phase hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde over copper-based catalysts
  88. Side-chain alkylation of toluene with methanol on Cs-exchanged NaY zeolites: effect of Cs loading
  89. Allylic alcohol synthesis by gas-phase hydrogen transfer reduction of unsaturated ketones
  90. Producción de Perifiton en Ambientes Acuáticos del Río Paraná Medio. II: Medición de la Velocidad de Producción Media e Instantánea
  91. Estimación de la Producción Primaria por Cambios Diarios de Oxígeno y Anhídrido Carbónico en el "Lago del Parque Belgrano" (Santa Fe, Argentina)
  92. Ciencia para el Crecimiento Catálisis: Transformaciones de Vanguardia
  93. Active sites in the alkylation of toluene with methanol: a study by selective acid–base poisoning
  94. Gas-phase hydrogen transfer reduction of α,β-unsaturated ketones on Mg-based catalysts
  95. Gas-phase synthesis of hydroxyacetophenones by acylation of phenol with acetic acid
  96. Highly selective synthesis of menthols from citral in a one-step process
  97. Deep oxidation of propane on Pt-supported catalysts: drastic turnover rate enhancement using zeolite supports
  98. Liquid phase hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde on Cu-based catalysts
  99. Effect of the chemical composition on the catalytic performance of MgyAlOx catalysts for alcohol elimination reactions
  100. One-Step MIBK Synthesis: A New Process from 2-Propanol
  101. Structure sensitivity and in situ activation of benzene combustion on Pt/Al2O3 catalysts
  102. Deactivation of MgyAlOx mixed oxides during aldol condensation reactions of ketones
  103. Water-gas shift reaction: reduction kinetics and mechanism of Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts
  104. Selective acid-base poisoning on bifunctional alkylation reaction
  105. Acid–base properties and active site requirements for elimination reactions on alkali-promoted MgO catalysts
  106. Workshop on catalytic technologies for environmentally benign processes
  107. Oxidative catalytic removal of hydrocarbons over Pt/Al2O3 catalysts
  108. Simultaneous deactivation by coke and sulfur of bimetallic Pt–Re(Ge, Sn)/Al2O3 catalysts for n-hexane reforming
  109. Structural Requirements and Reaction Pathways in Condensation Reactions of Alcohols on MgyAlOx Catalysts
  110. Acid-base site requirements for elimination reactions on alkali promoted MgO
  111. Influence of the surface structure of Co on the selective hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde
  112. Structure sensitivity of the hydrocarbon combustion reaction over alumina-supported platinum catalysts
  113. Effect of the addition of acidic and basic compounds on the catalytic behavior of exchanged zeolites in the alkylation of toluene with methanol
  114. Sintering of Chlorinated Pt/γ-Al2O3 Catalysts: An In Situ Study by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  115. Formation of bimetallic alloys in naphtha reforming Pt–Ge/Al2O3 catalysts: an EXAFS study
  116. X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy: a powerful tool to investigate intermediate species during sintering-redispersion of metallic catalysts.
  117. Synthesis of α,β-unsaturated ketones over thermally activated Mg–Al hydrotalcites
  118. Structure and Surface and Catalytic Properties of Mg-Al Basic Oxides
  119. Impregnation-induced memory effect of thermally activated layered double hydroxides
  120. Study of the catalyst deactivation in the base-catalyzed oligomerization of acetone
  121. Isoalcohol synthesis from CO/H2 feedstocks
  122. Thermal decomposition of Cu-based hydroxycarbonate catalytic precursors for the low-temperature co-shift reaction
  123. Kinetic study of the reverse water-gas shift reaction over CuO/ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts
  124. Catalysts for isobutanol production for synthesis gas
  125. Study of the simultaneous deactivation by coke and sulfur of naphtha reforming catalysts using a bifunctional test reaction
  126. Base catalysis for the synthesis of α,β-unsaturated ketones from the vapor-phase aldol condensation of acetone
  127. Redispersion of Sintered Pt/Al2O3 Naphtha Reforming Catalysts:  An in Situ Study Monitored by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  128. High-thiotolerant Pt-Ge/Al2O3 naphtha reforming catalysts by in-situ alloying
  129. Activity and structure-sensitivity of the water-gas shift reaction over CuZnAl mixed oxide catalysts
  130. Use of the methanol decomposition reaction for identifying surface species in Cu/Co-based catalysts
  131. Deactivation model with residual activity to study thioresistance and thiotolerance of naphtha reforming catalysts
  132. Effect of alloying on the sulfur resistance of bimetallic Pt-based catalysts
  133. Influence of The Chemical Composition on the Preparation of Cu-Co-Zn-Al Mixed Oxide Catalysts with A High Metal Dispersion
  134. Effect op the preparation conditions on the reducibility of Cu-Co based oxides
  135. Sintering of Pt/Al2O3 reforming catalysts: EXAFS study of the behavior of metal particles under oxidizing atmosphere
  136. Industrial regeneration of naphtha reforming catalysts contaminated by sulfate ions: the effect of sulfate level
  137. Preparation of ternary Cu/Co/Al catalysts by the amorphous citrate process II. The effect of the decomposition-calcination atmosphere
  138. A TGA/EGA study of the thermal decomposition of Cu-Co-Al mixed hydroxycitrates
  139. Modeling of Simultaneous Deactivation Processes: Thioresistance and Coking on Pt Based Catalysts
  140. Preparation of ternary Cu/Co/Al catalysts by the amorphous citrate process I. Decomposition of solid amorphous precursors
  141. On the sulfur-aided metal-support interaction in Pt/Al2O3$z.sbnd;Cl catalysts
  142. Alcohol formation from synthesis gas: A thermodynamic study
  143. Determination of the accessible metal fraction and the metal particle size on coked Pt/Al2O3-Cl catalysts
  144. Sulfurization of Pt/Al2O3$z.sbnd;Cl catalysts VI. Sulfur-platinum interaction studied by infrared spectroscopy
  145. Sulfurization of Pt/Al2O3-Cl catalyst. v. pt particle-size effect on sulfur adsorption
  146. Effect of the Metal Loading and the Metal Particle Size on Naphtha Reforming: Pt/Al2O3-Cl Catalysts
  147. Characterization of a sulfided Pt−Al2O3 catalyst by chemisorption and titrations: Comparison of the dynamic and static volumetric methods
  148. The role of catalyst presulfurization in some reactions of catalytic reforming and hydrogenolysis
  149. Sulfuration of Pt/Al2O3, Pt−Re/Al2O3 and Pt−Ir/Al2O3 catalysts
  150. Sulfurization of Pt/Al2O3-Cl CATALYSTS. III. kinetics of H2S adsorption on alumina, chlorided alumina and Pt/Al2O3-Cl
  151. Sulfurization of Pt/Al2O3−Cl catalysts. IV. Adsorption sites of H2S on Al2O3, Al2O3−Cl and Pt/Al2O3−Cl
  152. Sulfurization of Pt/Al2O3-Cl catalysts. II. Accessible metal fraction
  153. Sulfurization of Pt/Al2O3−Cl catalysts
  154. Chapter 1. Basic catalysis on MgO: generation, characterization and catalytic properties of active sites