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  1. Myanmar's earliest Maritime Silk Road port-settlements revealed
  2. The elaboration of political models in maritime Southeast Asia and of pan-regional culture: Contribution from Khao Sek stone ornament craft system study
  3. Development of maritime Trade Polities and diffusion of the “South China Sea Sphere of Interaction pan-regional culture”: The Khao Sek excavations and industries' studies contribution
  4. Glass ornament production and trade polities in the Upper-Thai Peninsula during the Early Iron Age
  5. High-tin bronze bowls and copper drums: Non-ferrous archaeometallurgical evidence for Khao Sek's involvement and role in regional exchange systems
  6. A late prehistoric iron smithing workshop and associated iron industry at the port settlement of Khao Sek, Thai-Malay Peninsula
  7. Maritime Silk Roads’ Ornament Industries: Socio-political Practices and Cultural Transfers in the South China Sea
  8. More questions than answers: the Southeast Asian Lead Isotope Project 2009–2012
  9. Prehistoric iron production technologies in the Upper Thai-Malay Peninsula: metallography and slag inclusion analyses of iron artefacts from Khao Sam Kaeo and Phu Khao Thong
  10. Khao Sam Kaeo – an archaeometallurgical crossroads for trans-asiatic technological traditions
  11. Weaving cultural identities on trans-Asiatic networks: Upper Thai-Malay Peninsula – an early socio-political landscape
  12. The development of metal technologies in the Upper Thai-Malay Peninsula: initial interpretation of the archaeometallurgical evidence from Khao Sam Kaeo
  13. Maritime Archaeology: Historical Descriptions of the Kalingas (review)
  14. Le port protohistorique de Khao Sam Kaeo en Thaïlande péninsulaire
  15. Alkaline Etched Beads East of India in the Late Prehistoric and Early Historic Periods
  16. La vaisselle dans les échanges entre le sous-continent indien et l'Asie du Sud-Est à l'époque protohistorique