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  1. Embedded System for the Analysis of Thermal Properties of Hemoglobin
  2. Smart frost measurement for anti-disaster intelligent control in greenhouses via embedding IoT and hybrid AI methods
  3. Internet of things for smart farming and frost intelligent control in greenhouses
  4. An algebraic-analytic model for the characterization of the frequency domain of photodiodes
  5. The Development of a new virtual croplands erosion measurement system.
  6. Meteorological Temperature and Humidity Prediction from Fourier-Statistical Analysis of Hourly Data.
  7. Composite Materials Based on Henequen Fiber as a Thermal Barrier in the Automotive Sector
  8. Design and Construction of an Embedded Fuzzy-Optical System to Characterize Metamaterials
  9. A low noise digital readout system for scientific charge coupled devices
  10. Smart frost control in greenhouses by neural networks models.
  11. The fluorescent decay of the levels on crystals doped was mathematically modeled.
  12. Embedded radiometry system for biomedical applications via thermal diffusivity properties
  13. An Innovative Embedded Radiometry System for Biomedical Applications: Case Mathematical Model for Measuring Thermal Properties
  14. Fingerprint presents natural patterns in an almost infinite variety of combinations.
  15. Development of a Real Time Energy Monitoring Platform User-Friendly for Buildings
  16. Application of HTS BSCCO Tapes in an Ironless Axial Flux Superconductor Motor
  17. Simulation and analysis of underground power cables faults
  18. Simulation of emerging faults in electric machines
  19. Clay-Brick Firing in a High-Temperature Solar Furnace
  20. Two-Axis Sun Tracking System for a Solar Furnace
  21. Optimization of dielectric strength test for the selection of insulating compounds for underground powercables
  22. A novel system for measuring optical properties in arterial blood of man
  23. Selective Oxidation of Graphite on Diamond Films Induced by UV Exposure
  24. Micropositioning device for automatic alignment of substrates for industrial‐scale thin films deposition
  25. Design of a research device to perform optical tomography
  26. Novel photoplethysmography system